Obscure Armory Mod

Nvm, its more acurately a Assault rifle.

Here is some more accurate info: https://www.stripes.com/army-s-third-arm-gun-mount-aims-to-lessen-burden-of-heavy-weapons-1.461913

hmm third arm mount gun… i thought about arm-mounted gun like in Deadshot’s Wrist mounted gun.

Ah, Easy to make that mistake i suppose.

yeah :laughing:

i’ll see what i can do for arm mounted gun.

Hey, do you need any Special things to package mods?

special things? what’s that?

Like do i need anything other than a file editor?

nahh it’s okay. i already have all i need for modding.


  1. new gun : Mk-1 Arm-Gun (the way this gun work is that due to lack of knowledge on how to fire a weapon while its still worn by player, i decided to use shoulder strap mechanic in which when player finish used it, they can put on inventory or wear it back on their body, and when they want to use it again they have to wield it first, i use wield mechanic as activation mechanic to activate the gun and ready to fire.)

One time I tried to make a sword that can be used while the player is worn. I think is nearly impossible to make something like that, but maybe you can do like it like a CBM (Monomolecular blade for example)

About the boomerang, is good to have a throwing weapon with bash damage (other than a rock), but i was thinking more along the lines of a lot less damage and easily craftable, but “infinite” , like you throw it and since it come backs, the amount you have doesnt decrease only needing one in your inventory, similar to the smart arrow from the expanded archery mod

is it possible to make CBM without any charges? i mean it shoots bullet but doesn’t cost any UPS or something?

im still researching on how to make items like that, but i need some example (JSON example)

there is the shotgun CBM

Yeah i tried with the expanded archery mod, but to no avail. i think the trick is to make a weapon, make the ammo and make the ammo not being consumed instead

A splint that is also a machine gun. I’m saying splint because we don’t have loss of limbs yet so cyber prosthetics won’t be possible at the moment.

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we kind of have, there that CMB fusion blaster that removes your arm. What about better, make a CBM like that, but that still works like a normal arm, like the one from megaman

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I actually sort of tried something like that but ran into a few problems I couldn’t fix, inspired by this:

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xD!!!, as a side note, now is the extended toolset as a reference, since now you can activate it and lose the ability to carry any weapon but then having both hands again

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I are trying to make a predator’s shoulders guns, and the suggestion from @Ragno , is a good idea. But I don’t know much from json (I make only one mod) so I need more time to think how to do that. But all ideas here is gold. Good luck and I see you soon.