Numpad Controls

One thing I’ve always liked in cataclysm were the controls. I could use numpad for everything. Now the controls are all messed up.
I’m not sure in what version this changed, but I’m currently using 0.7.1.
So here’s the problem:

I have numpad on, so I’m able to move diagonally with the numpad, and everything’s fine. Then I go to pick up something, and I can’t choose what to pick with numpad, so I either have to move to the arrows, or turn numpad off. But with numpad off I can’t move diagonally so I have to go back to numpad on, and next time I pick something up I have the same problem.

This isn’t a major problem, but either it’s just a matter of getting used, or the controls are really bad. I’ve tried binding numpad on keys to move diagonally, but somewhy it thinks I’m clicking S or R, which saves and reads (the keys are page up and page down, and they act like that ingame)

So, is there any fix? Any reason for this change? Or am I just screwed?

Don’t think there is a good way to do it. When you have numlock enabled you are typing numbers. So when you are looking at items on the ground or in lockers etc. and you try to scroll “down” using “2” on the numpad you are really trying to select the item assigned “2” on the ground.

Aren’t items assign to letters not numbers? Did that change? Because it used to work before, so why not now?

Well you could use to think a bit more to understand this. Kinda tricky.

So ATM number can’t be assigned, BUT
You can ask the game (when you (d)rop, open your (i)nventory, or (e)xamine ground to pick item) whatever you want - like 1, or even one of your four arrow on your keyboard. But it won’t find it because it will never assign it in first place.

The only “solution” is to use whatever prog/script to make your OS to do “down” when you press “2-numpad”. I don’t think about problem witch would come from this.
Changing assign of your layout isn’t a big deal if you use window. but i don’t know for other OS.