Numpad issues

Version 479c41
Win 8

Sometimes, after playing this (and a few versions before this too) for a while, the numpad stops working, for anything and requires a restart to continue functioning.

This won’t be an easy Num Block problem, no?

I press numlock often when i wanna use the advanced inventory xD it annoys me to no end.

No, I checked Num Lock, it doesn’t matter if it’s turned on or off. And restarting the game wouldn’t help in such a case.

It doesn t matter? so you can use the numpad when its turned off?? cause i can t.

No, I mean, when the bug happens, I can’t use the numpad, doesn’t matter what it’s set to.

Its realy weird because it never happened to me that way. Can t just be the game itself. I wonder …
I am using win 7 so it must be win 8 fault :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe, but it’s still worth taking a look at.

Does changing focus from the game and then back to game (selecting a different window) do anything?
Are you playing fullscreen or windowed?

Does the numpad stop being detected at all or just recognized? Try to assign a command to a numpad button and see if it totally ignores you or actually assigns it.

I’ll play again tonight and try doing those things. I am playing in windowed, I am sure it is selected, as the arrow keys do work.