Keyboard shenanigans (experimental 11140)

okay, so i just got a new laptop (on which i ofcourse immediately installed this game), and i encountered some issues with the keyboard input, specifically the numpad, because, as a laptop, manufacturers have to think very very hard into making the wackiest (and to their credit, compact) numpads imaginable, problem is (as seen in photo below)

so the issue is, my NUM 9 is also tied to my PAGE UP (Re Pág (keyboard is in spanish sorry lol)) key
and my NUM 3 is also PAGE DOWN (Av Pág), normally this isnt an issue, since, when i press the NUM LOCK (or when i SHIFT click the corresponding keys) they’re normally inputted as their corresponding PAGE UP / PAGE DOWN keys, but for some reason, CDDA stops recognizing numpad inputs entirely when i either SHIFT click the keys or press the NUM LOCK key then press the corresponding keys.

Now, i have already worked around this issue by changing the non-recognized keys by either the > or < keys, but i’m still curious as to whether this issue is solvable at all

Did you try to rebind the keys?
I mean, not rebind it to other keys but to the numpad while pressing down on the Shift/Num Lock keys, so it recognizes the combination…

Thanks for the reply, but yes, CDDA just doesnt recognize numpad keys either with SHIFT clicks or inputs with the NUM LOCK key off

Just a guess but maybe it will help? Options - Interface - Use key code input mode. There are two options, maybe it’ll work if you change it?

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Incredibly enough that does work! But it really messes up my other keybinds since that option is set up for english keyboards, so i’d have to spend a LOT of time rebinding everything, but still, its the only option that recognizes my numpad inputs, so i should probably spend the time doing it