Numpad keys no longer working on latest experimental

hello, I just updated and resumed my game and numkeys no longer work for moving the character or doing anything, NumLock being on and off doesn’t affect them, and they are not detected in the keybindings menu when i try to press them

Could be your keyboard, but it’s most likely a problem with CDDA, maybe your playing an old world on a new update system?

Do you have mousekeys enabled? That’s tripped me up before, until I noticed my numpad was moving the mouse around. :upside_down_face:

I get this sometimes on Win10. I have to restart CDDA for it to work again, though once I pressed some still unknown key combo and it fixed itself…

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I’ve had problems like this (using Windows 7). But usually switching to a different window, using the number pad, and returning to Cataclysm seems to fix it.