Transportation for NPC/Pets

It would be good if we could allow friendlies jump into seats of our cars and avoid being smashed by vehicle to pieces.

I adopted a dog today, called it Spens. To my surprise I found out we can strap bags to dogs now, way to go! But I was really sad when Behemoth (my roaming mobile fortress) squished Spens with 26" armored wheels O_o.

Maybe we could (a)ctivete nearby seat to have an option to seat one of our allies there?
Or maybe we could have a bag for dog/cat that you could (a)ctivate to put your pet into and carry around making them safe from vehicle movement?

That is exactly the reason why my characters travel alone. I killed to many NPC/dogs/cats that way and vehicles are just too practical.

Yeah I figured that NPCs forgot how vehicles work when one dived out of my front windshield while I was going 60. Was pretty sad.

There is a pet carrier in Experimental, so we’re moving in a right direction. I usually don’t play experimentals though.

Hadn’t heard about this. Excited to have dogmeat clear out labs with me. Apparently the flaming eyes don’t have their Uber lasers anymore either, can’t wait for my vehicles to stop exploding.

dunno, I play stable O.C and:

-eyes still have their uber beam attack
-dogs can move stairs following you so probably pet carrier is not needed to get your fluffy friend down to labs
-there is a pet carrier according to development item browser, so… let’s see. I hope it won’t allow to put your dog inside with all bag items strapped to it. lol.
-carrier is still a solution if you dont want to run your pet over with a car
-dunno bout NPC’s though. Maybe they are still utterly stupid and die under the wheels. NPC Carriers anyone?

NPC Carrier? :smiley:

Finally a use for that collar from the lost submissive profession.

I’m pretty sure that’s a step in a wrong direction.
We already have property values for setbelts, whereas they behave as “auto” when present. The only good thing worth doing would be to expand the functionality of the “Car Control” menu with >>seatbelt LOCK<< option - and expand the given functionality over every seatbelt present in the vehicle.

IRL, it goes like “…and everyone fasten their seatbelts!” coming from the designated driver, and it would work miracles for a single-player game like Catacysm. The only sidestep I can see here is the one considering NPC (and animal companion) interaction, ordering them to enter the vehicle being the imperative. It would mean two things:

[ul][li]Defining what exactly is “all that” Dormant mode whilst riding besides the playing character;[/li]
[li]Considering what are dangerous situations to trigger other types of behavior than Dormant, whilst driving.[/li][/ul]

A sidenote - I guess that a feature in the lines of “stay put in your seat until I say otherwise” would prevent many headaches, just like seatbelts would prevent the playing character from starting the car whilst the followers are more likely to be standing on the ground (layer) than in the car itself. (!!!)

Maybe we could (a)ctivete nearby seat to have an option to seat one of our allies there?

Literally my suggestion. How we can implement this is another question, but it would be great to have option coming from either driver’s seat or when you (e)xamine empty seat.