NPC Passenger bug? (6475 on 0.C-22476-g4bcc67a with tiles)

This message appears whenever I try to enter-exit vehicle together with my NPC companion. I have assigned a seat to her using ‘cre(w)’ command in vehicle menu before that. We are not occupying neighbor tiles when it happens and are generally moving in different directions. But still…

and it also always goes together with that one:

Wow, the game also acts as if there were no controls whenever I try to control my car or motorcycle with NPC in nearby seat. So I can start it and even control but only when NPC is outside. Once she takes nearby seat - my character drops controls and I get hit by moving vehicle! I’ve seen a message that vehicle is too heavy for the engine ( I modified the car a lot) but non-modified motorcycle with 2 seats acts the same. And is not too heavy when I ride it alone.

Update: I’ve swapped V6 engine to V8 one. There is no message about vehicle being too heavy for the engine now, but I still cannot ride it together with NPC. Looks like a real bug now.

Still not resolved in v. 6487.

Renders travelling with NPCs impossible.

Still an issue in v.6512

Is this confirmed as a bug or I am the only one experiencing the problem?

Tested with any other NPC?

Start new game and restart until the NPC that you usually start with travels with you. Then find any vehicle that you can get moving to test it out. If it craps out on you. Definitely a bug. But the devs should still look into this.

i think it might just be you, because i have a car and an NPC in a nearby seat and it works fine.

Could also start by killing the offending NPC and get another.

Yeah, my NPC spawn rate is minimal, so I didn’t meet any other yet. Will try to debug and test it out tomorrow.

I’ve just tested it with bedug NPC’s (had to spawn and head-implode like a dozen of them before I could convince one to follow me). Everything is fine with spawned debug one. It seems to be one single “bad” NPC who cannot ride vehicles. Why is that, I’m wondering? Maybe because of low trust level ?

did you assign them the wrong seat? if you told them to sit in the driver’s seat and you are driving maybe it goes weird

I cancelled the assignment after that trying to fix this. Didn’t work.