NPC Riding in a Vehicle Behavior

I am experiencing a really annoying bug. When I enter a vehicle, no matter how I’ve assigned seats with the crew menu, one or more of my npcs will want to be where I am, and yells about it. They will continue yelling and standing adjacent to me even while the vehicle is moving.

I’m the one in the center. The 2 on my left are NOT in their assigned seats, they are yelling at me to move. There are no seats under the 2 on my right.

While traveling, they will shuffle around the vehicle, quite often ending up under the wheels somehow. This error happens often, I have to (i)gnore it to get peace.

I stopped to reverse into position. Alexander jumped out on the bottom, walked around the left and reentered through the top, just in time to get sideswiped.

If I’m walking around the vehicle, they follow me and want me to move. Those two in the chairs have decided to sit in their assigned seats for some damn reason. I’m sure they’ll get up and tell me to move when I start driving. Why doesn’t the be quiet option work on this dialogue?

Does anyone know what’s happening? It’s getting to the point I don’t want to bring people along.

Oh, and here’s some more stupidity…

I set manuevered them all to their assigned seats and set them to guard. Started driving. They all worked their way to the electric bike on the back, I can only assume they are waiting for me to stop so they can run back to where I assigned them? Lets see:

Yep, look at em go. What’s the solution here? I distinctly recall a time when I could load up multiple npcs in a humvee and head down the road, without a bunch of micromanaging. They just got in their seats as soon as you got in the car. That’s where they wanted to be, strapped into a seat, because they knew YOU were driving.