Can followers drive vehicles and how does the 'crew' thing work?

  Well, just like it says above, what does the crew action do in the build menu and can followers drive cars? Or is it like, the followers simply sit in the same vehicle as you? If you do share a ride, could you make a bike with you and two followers assisting with the pedaling? I love silent vehicles. It would be nice if followers could somehow sit in you vehicle at least so you do drive away too fast (or over them by accident)

Assigning crew seats just means that your followers always sit in the same seat all the time. It’s mostly useful for preventing a follower from trying to sit in the driver’s seat, or if you have multiple followers, from wasting time jockeying for position.

Followers can’t steer. I don’t know if they can work the pedals on a tandem bike but it’d be a nice feature to add if they can’t.

 Ok, sounds pretty useful still. Once I get a good car I can have them sit in the back seats so I don't drive away from them. Is that basically the only use for crew then? And can they shoot from the vehicle? I think the player can, so it makes sense that they would be able to.

Does assigning ‘crew’ stick an NPC to a car? As in, if I walk away from the car, will the NPC follow me?

nope, he’ll follos you. you can tell him to guard though, that makes him stay where he is