NPC Quest Update Idea

I didn’t see a topic that addressed this idea, so I hope it isn’t a common idea.

I think when you’ve accepted a quest from an NPC, there should be a short summary of who the NPC is, and what the NPC wants you to do.

Maybe even just a direct port of the initial request text, just as a reminder.

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That’s a good idea and I don’t know why it doesn’t work that way.
I’ll file it on my “todo” list, but my todo list is already really long.

Caveat: please add the specific amount/denominations of items needed if it is for fetch it quests =D

if the initial quest text doesn’t specify that, then sure, adding something like that would be great. but so long as that amount is listed in the NPC quest text already, i personally don’t see the need for a separate line about that. a quick scan of the quest summary should be fairly easy to detect the numbers needed.

but this is from someone who loved morrowind, having to scan my journal for quest goals.

i’m not someone to dictate how a programmer wants to implement that. it’d be up to whatever programmer gets around to it.

TL;DR: mr. zone wizard, i don’t think that is necessary, so long as the quest lists the goal. but if mlangsdorf wants to do something like that, more power to him. seems like a lot of work for so little return to me.

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I agree. But some quest dialog may not specify. I’m just covering my bases as I have yet to find every quest in the game.

Morrowind, heres to no compass and EWNS directions. I really did love having an npc tell me a camp was past that city to the north and then go a bit west. Stupid but some of the best exploration I did when first playing Morrowind was in attempts to follow directions. Man, like trying to find the vampire clan lairs before having the net? Shove it Dagoth I know where you are, I gotta find those vamps.