New NPC Quest Idea

Here’s an idea for a new NPC Quest :
(NPC Name) : That dirty traitor…
A: What do you mean?
B: I don’t want to hear about it. (Cancels quest.)
If A is selected…
(NPC Name) : (NPC Name 2) used to be my ally, until he backstabbed me in my sleep. Now I’m nearly dead out of resources.
A: That’s horrible.
B: Forget it and get over with it. (Cancels Quest)
If A is selected…
(NPC Name) : Do you think you could kill him and get my stuff back?
A: Sure, why not. (Starts quest, spawns target within 0.5 miles of the player.)
B: No, not at the moment. (Cancels Quest)
If B is selected…
(NPC Name) : Forget it, it’s probably too dangerous.
A: I’m sorry.
B: Goodbye. (Exits conversation.)
The NPC you will have to kill will have medium-level fighting gear, such as a medium-level gun, or a combat knife.
You can also lie to the NPC, saying you killed the NPC.
Upon completion:
(NPC Name) : I can’t thank you enough! How about I tag along?
A: Great!
B: Can you stay here until later?
Option A will have him follow you, Option B will have him remain at his position, upon returning, he will join you.

That’s actually pretty easy. I can pr it when the current NPC stuff gets finalized. The issues outstanding would be:
-Do you want to actually return the gear from the NPC? That makes it a bit more complicated since you would have two victory conditions, kill Bob and get X item. We’d have to figure in partial mission completion and strange stuff like that. We could make it a, “Return my rifle that Bob stole” that way the mission is actually a fetch item mission but you don’t know what item it is until you kill Bob and get it.
-Where would Bob be hiding?
-What should Bob’s personality be like? Is he hostile on sight like a bandit/raider? Is he a member of a faction you don’t want to make mad? Is he a loner but willing to strike a trade for the item? You’d need to write the second half of the conversation to give the mission more life. Soon the good/neutral factions will consider attacking non-hostile NPCs a bad thing and will think less of you for it.

That’s a pretty good idea for an addition onto the Quest. Never thought of that.

Acidia started out in excellent buildings but seems to have a pretty good handle on NPCs too. Glad xe’s writing for us.