NPC Conversations, Quests, Books

Hello everyone! I have been playing C:DDA and lurking in the forums for nearly a year now. I just registered to ask a few questions about NPCs and quests.

How are conversations stored? Is it possible to write dialogue trees by just messing with json files? Or does it require compiled code changes? Can we assign conversations to just particular (and perhaps unique) NPCs?

And what about quests?

Basically, I want to try my hand at creating conversations and quests as you can do in some of the mainstream CRPGs (thinking of Bethesda RPGs and and related Construction Sets). I know there is no such interface for C:DDA, but I wouldn’t mind learning how some code fragments work if that is all it takes.

Why am I asking about this? In particular, I was thinking of a Morrowind mod called LGNPC (Less Generic NPCs Project - see here: ). If you ever played Morrowind, you would know that most of the NPCs have the same dialogue beyond a select few. This mod sought to make every NPC unique. They created long walls of text and very minor quests for every single NPC in select towns. It was a joy to just visit these towns and converse with the NPCs there. There was a lot of creative writing going on, and the average quality of the text was quite high.

If it were possible to do this in an easy way (say, by altering easy-to-understand json files), it would let many players who don’t have coding skills to add some extra content to the game that would make it better. We could actually have content mods and perhaps even nets of quests. People could write their own scenarios by linking NPCs together with quests.

Finally, is it possible to add readable books to the game? I’m not talking about skill books that your characters read. These would be books that would show text on the screen, preferably allowing line breaks. The idea is again to add new content to the game to increase immersion. For instance, you could find the journal of another survivor, or a book that contains some details on the canon events.

Sorry for the long post!

Hi, welcome to the forums! d:
Sorry for taking a while to respond, I guess most people get a little bit scared with long first posts? Haha.

Well, to the point, sir! Sadly, if I recall correctly, NPCs are mostly hardcoded or something. There is no easy json to edit! Which is a shame, really.

What you say would be really cool, and totally would add immersion. I guess it will have to wait? I don’t really know though.

Talking about books, well, this was suggested before, but I think no one got around to actually do something. Possible? Very, IMO. You only need to check the labs database for example, to know that. But for now, no idea how.

Well, I hope I have answered your doubts, new guy! And have fun here! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answers! I hope it gets easier at some point. In the meanwhile, I will try to see if I can understand the source code sufficiently to add new dialogue.

If you manage to extract some information (compile some semi-easy to understand instructions) on how to add quests and dialogues, please consider posting it here!

Regarding the book idea, that is also a thing that is a really good idea, imho. Not only for immersion reasons (which in it alone are awesome enough), but also to explain parts of the lore which are not really intuitively understandable for new players.

You can check out /data/json/npcs/npc.json for how to define json npcs, unfortunately the parameters are mostly for referencing pre-defined fields in the already existing npc code.