NPC vs cars

i got NPC in ty team and put her in my car. after reloading game i found that she is out of car in a left bottom square on the map. and keep this pisition no matter whith speed i had drive. on the speed 112 i catch her and ask ‘let’s go’. when she tried come in my car i got next message:

DEBUG: map::board_vehicle: passenger (Hailey Jackson) is already there

what i do wrong?)

This is a known bug. Solution for now: don’t put NPC in your cars and if you do, don’t save and reload.

Zireael, ok. i see NPCs are very buggy so i don’t take care bout them.

I had a similar problem in 7.1.
Try to remove her seat and then put it back.
The game will forget she was in the car.

latogato, thank you for you advice. but i got more heavy problem with it. after is about one game hour i got the message ‘you are stop breathing’. so my hero died. i dunno if it was depend from NPC but it’s over)


You stop breathing means you overdosed on painkillers or drugs. It has nothing to do with the NPC.

Zireael, thank you fro info. will keep it in my mind.