NPC jabberwock/zombie slayer questline bugged

hello. i’ve helped a random NPC with the jabberwork quest then had him join me, and gave me another quest to kill 100 zombies. I didn’t do the quest but the next day the dialogue had only 1 option (yes i killed them) despite me not actually going anywhere and thought that was strange. then after choosing a reward, the NPC leaves my team and proceeds to loot my base then run away.

he also says he has a new quest but when i check to accept that quest the game crashes

Someone or something else killed that monster.

nope, i killed the jabberwock myself. then, the next quest say kill 100 zombies, which i did not since i didnt even leave my mansion base in the middle of nowhere

im not so much bothered that the quest completed itself, but the dialogue option/subsequent crush are displayed anytime i try to talk to my NPC which in turn renders him untalkable i guess thats real depressing since he was my only NPC

free meat!
your only NPC will be the one that murders you before long, count on it, they’re so over rated when alive.

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haha no. this NPC has 10 dodge and 9 unarmed and is a post-threshold Lizard Mutant. seems quite resourceful

“yikes, scoob, let’s get out of here”

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i mean i did start out as a bionic soldier but i already spent my 150 8x40mm bullets. other smaller guns i’m not sure how effective they would be. so unless i can get a cannon of sorts, killing him isn’t really an option.

i guess i could just keep him around as a bodyguard, but never talk to him since that breaks the game. :frowning: sad i wanted that 10 dodge training