Bugged ghost character?

Hello guys.
I’ve had a little issue within the game that didn’t seem to make sense. A NPC from a previous (unsucessful) game appeared in my map, and as i approached it (2 map squares) my game froze. I reloaded a save near the freezing site and tried to approach the NPC again and it froze again.
After 3 tries i decided to dodge the NPC and proceed the game, but i still wonder what might that have been?


There is your problem…

[quote=“TheRealTenman, post:2, topic:1536”]


There is your problem…[/quote]
Guess you’re right…

Yeah NPC’s are buggier than swamps at the moment. Get it… buggier…you know insects…Yeah.

Go make bears huggier! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah i get it xD

NPC cashing bug strikes back.

I had some similar issues when playing Whales Cataclysm.