Not usable space \ 4:3 problem

Hi all.
On any build of the game i have the problem shown in the screenshots. Not usable space. Is it possible to fix it?

additional information:
Viewport width : 90
Viewport height : 30
OS : Windows 7
build : 0.8 - 2592-geebf807 (Downloaded: “Nightly builds”–>“Download Windows (Experimental) (SDL)”)

Looks like an issue with tiles. Can you specify which build, and does changing ‘terminal size’ setting in options help?

I’ve been seeing this same thing with the 10x10 HRose tileset. I’m on 0.8 at the moment but I’ll try out the Experimental soon.

I think this is a bug in the window sizing logic.

The existing terrain window sizing logic hasn’t been updated for tiles… the width is hardcoded to the max view distance for ascii, but tiles are bigger.

The fix is simple, but when I last tried it on my 1920x1200 resolution, putting that many tiles onscreen slowed the games refresh noticeably. Once that PR to optimize SDL rendering is in, this can be fixed.