Settings for Windows + Tileset users

Just discovered this roguelike. Spent a few hours messing with font, the “\data\FONTDATA file”, looking for the viewport settings (the closest thing I found was TERMINAL_X and TERMINAL_Y in the options.txt file), and reading up on people who had to deal with this before me. Then gave up, since the tileset really hates co-existing in the same window as the font.

I would greatly appreciate if someone could post a configuration that displays well on a Windows box running 1280x1024 (preferred) or alternatively 1680x1050 (if you are into that aspect ratio). Installing a font is no issue, just give the exact name so I can find and install it if needed.

I further suggest that we sticky some configurations (or steps to modify font, fontdata and options.txt) to get the game to display nicely at different resolutions. This would make the game much more accessible to new players.

Thanks in advance. /Nim

You can change the viewport in the options, it even tells you the characters AND the pixel size (the game displays wrong if it’s too large, going over the start menu and stuff)

On 1910 and previous, I’ve used Veramono, a monospace font that looks good at 12x12, but no tiles. Doesn’t display proper in latest (1932).

This is what fonts.json (config folder) looks like:

“fontblending” : false,
“fontwidth” : 12,
“fontheight” : 12,
“fontsize” : 12,
“typeface” : “Veramono”,
“map_fontwidth” : 12,
“map_fontheight” : 12,
“map_fontsize” : 12,
“map_typeface” : “Veramono”

Veramono.ttf goes in the /data/font folder.

Strong note: World generation is currently crashing above 1200 pixels/70 characters in height. Someone else said saves load and work, but I don’t trust that enough. Width has no restriction.

There’s currently a fix for this up for review, so with any luck that should be pushed to the mainline and the problem fixed in the next day or so.

Yeah, waiting for that git pull. Found out the font issue was on my end. (I was editing font.json and not fonts.json or something somehow)

Hello, I just discovered this game as well. I’m having a similar issue to the OP. So far I’ve spent a fair amount of time googling and fiddling around to get a decent setup with no luck.

I’ve heard that there is a Viewport resize option in the menu. There is none in 0.A version I am running in Win 7. I have looked thoroughly and no such option is in the menus. There is a Terminal resize option which is not it. I found a Sidebar resize option which has no visible effect on either Narrow or Standard settings and I did restart the program several times.

Is anyone able to tell me how I could enlarge the view area? Also is there any way to make the tile-squares a bit smaller without manually creating a whole new tileset? Ideally I’d like to use Thutzor’s @ set made a bit smaller and with a smaller sidebar. My native is 1920 x 1080 if anyone uses that and wants to share what settings they use.


Terminal resize option IS the option. All you have to do is quit out and reopen the game.

I think Veramono is visible at 8 or 9, but it’s hard to see. I’m using Terminus at 13x13, but I’m on a larger monitor.

Been playing for a few days now. Read somewhere that Dark Days Ahead doesn’t really support the tileset properly, so gave ASCII a shot, and found that the ASCII version is surprisingly good.

Even the ASCII version requires some tweaking though, so here is my own contribution.

First, note that the font settings are different between the stable and experimental builds. The following is for experimental terminal (ie. NOT TILESET) build 7852a7e. Note: You must download the font if you don’t have it, and make sure the fontname matches).

For 1280x1024 resolution:
"fontwidth" : 10
"fontheight" : 14
"typeface" : “Vera Sans Mono”

For 1680x1050 resolution:
"fontwidth" : 11
"fontheight" : 13
"typeface" : “Vera Sans Mono”

I prefer the latter (1680x1050) since my flatscreen has a larger screen area than my 20" CRT screen, allowing for higher values for TERMINAL X and Y, while maintaining the same level of readability. It is also better since the fontwidth and fontheight values approach each other in value. Ideally they should have the same value to get rid of distorted range perception in the game, but with the current combination of a ‘narrow’ sidebar, the map and the dimensions of the screen, this would end up wasting screen space. Hopefully we will eventually implement a solution that gets rid of this limitation, imposed by the sidebar and map existing in the same terminal window.

Thanks for your replies in this thread pingpong.

If my conclusion about DDA not supporting tileset properly is correct, I suggest that some information is added about that to the download page, so people don’t spend hours trying to mess with it before giving up in frustration.

I find it curious that everyone seems to be having issues with tilesets… I play with nothing but a tileset and only adjust the terminal width/height in options to fit my resolution. Can you guys please describe what issues you’re having with tilesets so they can be addressed?

DDA supports base tile sets just fine. It’s mainly just two things that limit tile set use:

  1. DDA still doesn’t support corner tiles perfectly, so you might end up with some small graphical glitches there.
  2. The experimental develops so fast that it’s extremely difficult for anyone to create a complete tile set. When you are adding something new every few days it’s a lot of work for a tile set maker to keep up with.

I don’t see any way to configure the map (tiles area) AND the sidebar (text area on the right side) so they both display in a way that is acceptable. They cannot be adjusted separately (although the new font-file in the latest experimental build indicates that someone is working on this?).

I was kinda buggered by the side-panel. Is there an option so old text scrolls DOWN?

Also, if text was drawn bottom-to-top, could that fix some text issues with gs, qs, and ys? The bottom is always cut-off in text.