Not healing while asleep?

Despite being full and slaked I’m not gaining any health when I sleep. Is this a bug? I’m not in pain and don’t appear to be sick.

RESOLVED: Playing as a cyber junkie, the leaky bionic is clearly causing health stat to decrease, Ironically i’m trying to recover from damage sustained while trying to remove it.

if your health stat gets low enough you stop healing, eat healthy foods, take ‘immunogloblulin boosters’ (whatever the hell that is), vitamins, and avoid drugs.

They’re generalized immune system boosters.

Generally used as prophylaxis prior to surgery, the US Army used to (might still?) give them to soldiers they were sending overseas as protection against foreign pathogens.

Kevin Grande is right, if your ‘health’ is high enough then your regeneration rate (while asleep) will be faster and you will heal after a few days. ‘health’ is a hidden stat in CataclysmDDA which determines your immunity against ambient diseases like Common-Cold & Influenza, it gradually comes down to 0 if its not increased or decreased. Drugs and Alcohol drastically decrease your ‘health’ so you should avoid them for a while. As far as increasing ‘health’ goes, the only useful source that I’ve found are vitamins. Taking vitamins regularly (2 per day is good enough), should increase your ‘health’. From what I’ve observed, I think if your Health (of any body part) decreases by 1 (i.e. it changes color to light-green or light red instead of the regular dark-green), it takes a long time to heal.

I think its a bug in the latest version 0.B “Brin”. When I was playing in this version, I installed a Power-Storage CBM which I got from a Shocker-Brute, suddenly my Health (all the body parts) decreased by 1 even when the CBM installed successfully and it never healed even after 2-3 days. So I looted all the pharmacies, crafted some bandages and first aid kits and somehow managed to heal myself. Even now (after 5 days from the incident), I’ve not healed completely. I really think its some kind of bug (though I’m not sure of it so I’ve not got it reported) since I’m playing an experimental release. I don’t use much drugs and alcohol, except Aspirin and Codeine, so it cannot be due to low ‘health’ (but there’s a possiblity since ‘health’ is a hidden stat).

But anyway, I think maintaining your health is vital in CataclysmDDA since it protects you from diseases like Common-Cold (and it can also prevent infections from zombie bites!).


Broken or leaky bionics will crush your hidden health stat over time, as I seem to recall. Nobody here has reported having those while healing was slow to none, so I remain uncertain.
The other thought that comes to mind is keeping damaged fuel cells around. Those are radioactive. Get away from those.

Brain is again being unhelpful in reminding me of the context I got these ideas in.

Thanks to all of you who pitched in to help out, it seems to be my health stat.

If you’ve got the leaky bionic, your health will drop to huge negatives no matter what food you eat. Only a dose of vitamins literally every hour single can prevent it.

Leaky bionic damages health mod by 50 every ~50 minutes. For a comparison, meth damages it only by 7, mutated fetus by 12 and bleach by 20.
So if you successfully removed the bionic in the morning and had a breakfast of meth, moonshine, sewage, bleach, ammonia and a tub of mutated fetuses, in 3 hours you’d be better off than if you didn’t remove the bionic and had a salad instead of this celebratory feast.

“Healthy” items include vitamins, flu shots, and tea. Coffee, drugs, and alcohol (except belgian ale and boozeberry) mess with the stat.