Healing incredibly slowly even without any healing traits

For some reason its taking multiple days just to heal 1 health “bar” even though I have no traits related to healing and am sleeping on a makeshift bed.
Does this anything to do with being a cyborg monster? I keep on getting messages like “you still feel awful”
I can’t think of any diseases that slow down healing so slowly either since I haven’t come in contact with anything but a few zombies and slimes.

If you have the (I think) leaky bionic it will absolutely tank your hidden health stat, that in turn will tank your healing rate.

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Are you taking cold damage? Try keeping warmer and see if the healing rate speeds up.

try eating healthily, eating only junk food and being overweight both destroy your health stat and slow healing afaik.

Did you use bandage and disinfectant? What is the level of the first aid skill?