Do I Have Some Sort of Sleep Problem?

My character just woke up, and I got a strange message (Screenshot below). He has no mutations, no irradiation, no nether monsters nearby, no weirdness of any kind that I think could cause that. Anyone know what this is? Given how some things work in this game, I’m getting a foreboding feeling that this is going to advance into some sort of major problem.

Anyone know what this is?

Its a health message. Often when you wake up you will get a message indicating your overall health. In this case your health is somewhat poor.

It can affect how quickly you heal and how resilient you are to disease.

It is affected by any unhealthy foods you eat like junk food or mutant meat, any drugs you use, radiation, etc

Oh. Thanks.
I know about health and its effects, but I didn’t know that you get messages like that when it’s low, however. How do I increase my health? I thought that I was eating fairly healthy (Biscuits and bacon instead of microwave burrito), but apparently that’s not the case.

The easy way is to get a better health value is to make recipes that states that is healthy in the description (like granolas, oats, etc), but i have found that the best way is to drink teas instead of water, i always make a lot of dandelion tea, and try to avoid food that isnt healthy in regular quantities.

Soup and teas are generally a good bet. I’d recommend pine needle tea regularly. In fact you can just drink it instead of water up to a certain point. If you have lots of bones and don’t need glue you can just make them into bone broth, but I don’t recommend that since it generally takes far too long for little return.

Multivitamins give a big boost to health too. Also if you aren’t worried about morale sensitive activities like complex crafting, reading and skill grinding, you can just cram all those veggies and nuts you can forage right into your face instead of wasting time and resources cooking them. A couple days of that usually puts me in positive health.

No idea what start you took but addictions and the messed up cyborg starts will play hell with your health. Pretty sure inhaling any toxic gas from bloated zeds or bottom of mine start will do it too.

Unfortunately I just peeked at the code (I was a bit curious too) and confirmed what I suspected since the major vitamin changes: vitamins no longer boost your health, they just boost most of your vitamin levels.

Soups, fresh veggies, and bread are all good options though! Just try not to get jealous if your survivor ends up eating better than you!..


Huh good to know. I’m always a little behind on the changes

Be warned though. As far as I remember, eating raw wild vegetables might result in parasites. Not sure about plant marrow…

Edit: I just checked the code, it seems this is no longer the case. As far as I can tell, it just reduces the amount of calories you’d get from them.