Not fully healing

I think I have a bug where all body parts except my torso will not heal to max health my char even has the regeneration mutation and it’s not healing, first aid/bandages don’t heal it.
Heres screenshots of before and after a total of about 12 hours hour waiting

And after sleeping

Usually after this amount of time I would be full healed ready to be abused again.

Edit: added the word not before heal

I’ve noticed this too even before I mutated. It seems to be a problem with sleep. Basically, if you go to sleep with less than full health but you get woken up too soon, the game may decide that you healed to your maximum but you actually didn’t so the number stays at partially healed but the game thinks your fully healed.

Permanent damage to max HP likely cause by fire/heat. I had it happen to me when I went into a mine and got a little to close to some lava I had to get around after that I couldn’t get back to my original max health. So I assumed it was that.

I’ve woken up early from sleep without full health and been able to heal it after that so it could be that but not always. Just the missing health at the time not the perma damage to the max health I mean.

Someone should look in the code and see whether max HP can be lowered (or at least, if it’s intended to be possible). If so, it should be more clearly documented, and you should probably get a message about permanent damage when it happens.

Speaking of not fully healing, how are we doing on surgery? Just broke both of my legs and I’d very much like to restore them.
…or cut them off.

I´m having the same problem here, max health is lower than it should be.
Do any of you know how to bring my max hp back to normal? So i can play along with my head having more than 40Hp

[quote=“Slax, post:5, topic:776”]Speaking of not fully healing, how are we doing on surgery? Just broke both of my legs and I’d very much like to restore them.
…or cut them off.[/quote]

Yes i can confirm that is is working my arm was off and i found a hospital and got it back again (v.04)

This is a known bug. But nobody has found the source of the bug as of yet. And yeah, it sucks a lot.

This may be considered cheating to some people, but if your inclined, you can edit the character’s file in the save folder (make a backup first however) by finding a set of number that are just above your inventory near the end of the file. If you modify the right ones, you can put your characters maximum health back to where it is supposed to be.

Just don’t abuse this or the game will probably get boring though.