Is slow healing gone?

Is the slow healing no longer in game. I heard about it and thus created a character with out my usual imperceptive healer trait. But I just got my butt kicked by a shocker and was at : on my torso and after a nights sleep I’m fine again. Is something wrong with the slower healing or has it been shelved and I need to go back to using the imperceptive healing trait?

Ah, you definitely shouldn’t have gone from : to full in one night of sleep.

I’ve heard other people give similar reports of still healing very fast, but it was usually a result of them using various healing items on that body part.

In my game, I heal pretty dang slow unless I use bandages and such – it takes me two or three days at the fastest to heal to full from about half limb health.

Checking the settings, it’s still at the slow heal rate and has not been increased – I don’t know why you would be healing so fast.

I did use bandages and disenfectant, but I remember reading that it was supposed to take a week to heal from very low health with healing items and 3 weeks without.

Need to tell us what version/build you’re on. I’m on exp build 9268 and can confirm healing is not that fast. You need bandage/disinfectant to heal faster.

pretty much update every time i play so latest

that’s definitely a glitch. Unless your base health is 5 there’s no reason you should have healed so much percentage of hit points so fast.
Even when I take a nap it usually only heals half of a limb per day.

Do you have any medical mutations?