Healing still slow even with healing mutations

Is healing supposed to be so bloody slow now even when you’re bandaged, disinfected, have regen, and are sleeping in a proper bed? I’ve resorted to healing methods from magiclysm and arcana just so I’m not a hospital patient for a week. I get it and even like the slow rates if you’re an average Joe survivor, but a medical mutant shouldn’t have issues getting their body back up to snuff. I can also go on for hours on how it’ll take you weeks to recover when it comes to mending a broken limb, but I’m just going to leave that thought hanging there for anyone who wants to chime in.

Am I the only one having issues or am I in the right here? Even normal animals heal faster than my dude.

what’s your first aid at? Natural healing does appear to have been nerfed (thankfully), but with high first aid then medical items become OP. I’m at first aid 9 with my current character, resulting in “great” quality disinfect/bandages, and I heal half of my health overnight despite having “poor healer”. Plus medical items also heal during waking ours, so I’m basically never down for long provided I don’t lose a limb

Worth noting I’m at 12 strength with my mutations, so 96HP per body part, so roughly 50 healing per night when freshly bandaged/disinfected

If anything, I’d say healing needs nerfing more. I play a lot with imperceptive healer and it’s still pretty fast.


Are you treating your wounds, or doing nothing? I agree if you’re treating your wounds, if you’re not I suspect you’re playing an older version or a mod is changing it.

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Health also changes how fast you heal. If your health-stat is very low, healing will take a lot of time.
So, if you ate, for example, a lot of fast food or tons of fat and sugary stuff, your health is probably negative, which will dramatically change how fast you heal. On the other hand, if you live a very healthy lifestyle (lotsa fruit and veggies n stuff) then you should heal faster.

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Okay, yeah, it was the health thing. Once my guy started eating healthier things kicked back up. Still waiting for my damn arm to mend but whatever. I still stand by what I said about having regen, it should be a noticeable effect even while unhealthy, assuming you have the caloric resources to heal.