Healing is still broke

After the heal nerf my str 7, tough, first aid 6 character heals a leg from 1 bar to full in a single night of sleep on day 1 after applying disinfectant and bandages. Only thing I don’t remember is did I inject gamma globulin (could it make such a difference?).

It feels like the healing rates were changed but still not adjusted for 1s turns. That or disinfectant and bandages heal 6x too much.

Which mods are you playing with?
Which version are you playing?
Does your character have healing related mutations or Cbms?

1.) only mods that add extra specials
2.) 9256
3:) of course I would have mentioned anything relevant (not playing frail etc…), don’t know if aug. specialist perk makes a difference

Maybe I’ll do some testing with gamma globulin it’s either that or it’s broke.

Did a test with the same build in a new world without gamma globulin, healed from one bar in torso to full-1 in one night. So gamma globulin made ~one bar of difference. Seems a tad bit fast.

I’ve noticed this sort of healing speed without gamma glob and with imperceptive healer.
My 1/10 normal healing speed character went from 2-ish bars to almost full in one night.
Its been a while since I played that character so it may have changed a little, but if I see it again on a newer character ill post it.

Yeah, my latest run as a character with the self-healing nerf trait, I still generally recover all damage in a single night’s sleep - even without bandages. Definitely could do with a nerf (although I think broken limb healing is still fine)