Not enough items dark-craftable

Making things with your hands is obviously a very tactile exercise. Very fine work like sewing or soldering is obviously something that would require you to be able to see, but boiling water? Filling a charcoal kiln? Hammering flat the end of a pipe and then bending it around your hammer?

There are some other recipes that I’m not sure about because I’m not sure what process the recipe is supposed to represent, like makeshift bandages or makeshift disinfectant. Is the character just making the decision to use rags or ethanol for medical purposes? If so, why does making makeshift disinfectant take 30 seconds, and why can’t it be done in the dark?


I totally agree on the makeshift crowbar part. I even tried it myself. Just took some extra time to feel that I had the right bend. I was bored ok? lol
Held against the leg using the foot as a guide and balance and hammered up…carefully. Still ended up bruising my shin though


I agree there. A lot of things can be done in the dark if a bit more difficult. Things like Full Nightvision mutations should bypass the light needed or crafting as well. Especially since it usually comes with some severe light sensitivity which butchers your stats in light. All in all the light and crafting system interaction can be really wonky. Especially since I can full butcher or dissect a corpse in the dark perfectly but can’t do many simple tasks.


There’s also the fact that it only applies to & crafting, not * building or e vehicle modification.


…Good point :+1:

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how effective was it at breaking into houses

Considering I’d have to pay the repairs I didn’t try it for that. So sadly I don’t know :confused:

you are a disgrace to the cataclysm community

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Its true. I promise as soon as the sun sets I’ll find out how many wacks it takes to get to the center of zotsie roll pop! I will, and it will be more than three, no matter what that owl says…I wonder how many wackes it will take to get to his?

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Maybe to balance it out there’s a risk with something like hammering, where you take 1-2 damage to a random limb and immediately fail the craft, or waste the materials if it doesn’t need a certain tool.

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