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It may not be implemented, or I may just not be able to figure it out.

But why can a sheet not be broken down into rags? Quite a few bits of clothing won’t break down to anything, and rags are quite rare (as far as I have seen). This makes creating bandages quite difficult. And is it possible to create first aid kits?

Hammers. I’ve wanted to build a wall and a door. I have the lumber, I have the nails but a hammer cannot be found. I cannot find a hardware store and no other building seems to wield a hammer or hatchet. I think it would be helpful if hammers spawned inside some houses, along with screwdrivers, etc. On top of that why can I not use a rock (with a penalty) to bang nails? I believe one crafting recipe allows a rock to be used instead of a hammer, but most do not.

For an added challenge, on top of a temperature system, there could be a cleanliness system. Find a tub and take a quick bath, maybe find some soap. Morale could suffer the longer you go without bathing, plus your smell could linger longer and be easier to track. Bathing could greatly raise morale, temperature, and could even clean clothes for getting rid of scent and penalties to encumbering limbs (built up dirt, etc).

I think you use scissors or a knife on a sheet to cut it.

Messing around with the github version I noticed a stone hammer in the crafting menu, so it’s entirely possible they will be craftable out of a rock and a stick soon.

No opinion from me for or against bathing. I would think the survivor would have bigger things to worry about, and I don’t think any amount of bathing would remotely hide your scent from an animal. But zombies maybe, and there don’t really seem to be enough not-portable methods to raise your morale.

Yeah, just activate (a) your blade item to cut up fabric and you’ll get a lot of rags from clothing stores or sheets.
Hammers are really damn common, to me at least. Have you tried looking through hardware stores? Even sporting goods or mil. surplus stores might yield one, or the occasional zombie. If you can seriously go through a town and not end up with at least a basic set of crafting tools, you might just be doing something wrong.
And doesn’t a hatchet work as well? Either of those two are just common tools for me that lie around everywhere and I end up discarding them with a lot of other items when cleaning up towns (butchering corpses, then burning the heaps of items) out of overabundance.

I somehow knew i’d have to activate my knife in some way shape or form. Damn it.

On previous characters i’ve found a hammer or two lying around, but not usually. This character has just had the hardest time finding one, and a hardware store still hasn’t been seen. I don’t think i’ve ever seen a hatchet, which is odd. Guess it’s more common than I thought, my world just hates me lol.

And as for bathing being a non-portable method to raise morale, I agree completely. I know there are bigger things to worry about in the world, but this is one of those nuisances. Something that just creeps up on you every couple of days. Bottles of water could be a portable version, just not as great of a boost.