Light/bionic exploit/bug while crafting

There’s no way people haven’t noticed this before, but just in case. You know, there’s an exploit where if you have just a minute of daylight left in which you could see, if you start crafting(even better in a batch) you can craft until the process finishes without stopping(even though it might be 2 o’clock in the morning when you finish).
If I use the cranial flashlight bionic and have it switched on, I can do this as much as I want, as long as I have 1 power on it(and since I have the joint-ratchet bionic, just 2 steps let me craft in the dark for as long as I want).
And I don’t know if it’s possible to fix this.

It’s with everything. Your fire can run out without cooking canceling etc etc. Basically requirement check for crafting happens at start of the crafting. It could be fixed so that crafting requirements are checked after crafting is done (and get ridiculous amounts bug reports and change request) or check requirements every now and then (and get a lot of bug reports and change requests).

That’s what I mean. That there can’t be a fix without breaking something else.

Fix could easily be worse than the issue itself.

Getting light isn’t hard. Once you acquire one of the basic electronics book, you can craft lightstrips extremely cheaply. The only time where that exploit would actually be useful is when you have only 1 flashlight and no other good source of light. You could then load 1 battery into it, flip it on, start a craft and repeat this.

Using a tiny fire in heavy rain is more of an exploit, but it should probably be fixed by nerfing small fires, which are also too good in combat.
Having dying fires cancel crafts would be really annoying.

Though if the craft restarting system was more developed, it could be good to nerf craft starting. If not-fully-crafted items had visible percentage meters, could easily be re-started etc.

Thing is that heat sources aren’t always needed at the same time of the crafting session. Making a meal involves prep time before the cook; fire-hardening something needs it sharpened too, melting plastic needs the heat right as the start but afterward it’s counterproductive, etc. So I’d call this the most player-friendly version of a Questionable system.