Nominating Cataclysm DDA for roguelike of the year

I think they pick these in january. does anyone know how to nominate a game? Tome 4 has been cleaning up, but with the bay12 forum we may have a shot at it. would be great publicity.

Would be worth it just to see Tome lose.

Either make a paid game or make a free one, I hold a special kind of hatred for those that stay in the middle.

[quote=“ChristopherWalken, post:2, topic:4517”]Would be worth it just to see Tome lose.

Either make a paid game or make a free one, I hold a special kind of hatred for those that stay in the middle.[/quote]


bumping the thread
vote here, C:DDA is there:

(and let Tome4 loose this year :P)

Oh neat, didn’t know there was one of these around. Thanks for reminding me, tossed in a vote for Tome.

Glad that Cataclysm was among the more popular vote there - 11%, just below DCSS’s 13%.

Voted for Cata:DDA
Also TOME4 has won 3 years in a row that needs to change, at the time of this post we are some 400 votes behind… perfectly doable. [size=1pt]If we spam every forum we know to vote for Cata[/size]

How long does this go on for?

Could get 200 or 300 votes going.

Off-topic: This never occurs to me… is tome 4 THAT good? I played it 1 or 2 years ago and it doesn’t appeal to me much, anyone here played it and have more experience can tell me why it is so popular?

It’s okay but best for 3 years? No.

As for me the interface somehow draws me away from it.
Also maybe it’s just me, but “Tales of maj’eyal” feels more rpg-ish than rougelikish.

Tales of Middle Earth was a great until the developer realized that the classic roguelike gameplay was out of style and dumbed it down into the graphical streamlined Tales of maj’eyal for a broader audience.

I wouldn’t vote for Cataclysm either though. It’s good as game but is too easy to master and lacks the tension to be a good roguelike. This year has been disappointing, the genre is dying.

While the year has been weak between no Dwarf Fortress updates and amazing projects (one really) turning out to be fakes, saying the genre is dying seems like a huge assumption.
I haven’t played a ton of roguelikes lately but imho DDA is the most complex and interesting, keeping in mind DF adventure mode is still very rough.

TOME is just very simple and bland if you ask me. It’s like a very competent IVAN without what makes IVAN great.

TOME 4 has 4 times as much votes as us… :_(

lel, I voted for T0ME ::slight_smile:

It’s to be expected really, TOME 4 has a much larger audience, it’s semi rogue-like and more tactical RPG with streamlined graphic seems to attract more people. Even ADOM seems struggle against TOME4’s juggernaut :p.

Tome is also on steam now, kind of opens it up to a wider audience

Voted for TOME 4 because I honestly think it’s both a better game and has a better dev cycle.

(I mean, hey, I can at least say that any given TOME release I pick up won’t crash on basic things like, say, opening one of the most commonly used menus.)

Cata will win when and if it’s in a state where it actually deserves to win. That I am confident of. Game’s gotten too popular in too short a time with people who frankly don’t play roguelikes that often. It’s just deeply flawed at the moment.

Looking goooood, gogogogo!

Wow, ADOM is going quite good, that actually makes me want to try it once again after quite many years…