More love from Rock Paper Shotgun. DDA listed as one of the top 50 games of the decade

A little recognition is nice.


CDDA has always been a top five game in my mind


for me CDDA is the only game that can help me with my insomnia thanks to its relaxing gameplay (mostly relaxing but when it comes to fighting zombies, hell’s breaking loose quick) and community-made soundpacks that is awesome…

and also the only classic-styled game that has open-world sandbox themed gameplay for me, most of the classic games i found is dungeon-based.


Always nice to see you guys get a shout out.

Cataclysm is one of the best games out there, and anything that gets it in front of new players is great.

Even though some people might complain about the development direction or give you grief, I hope you know that a lot of us love you, and that you’ve made something amazing. <3


The greatest game I’ve been played. Original roguelike! open world! open source! All this make CDDA unique. the most amazing things is its update frequency, I’ve never seen a game update several times a day like this, thanks for every person who make any contribution to this game! This is the power of open source, and wish CDDA forever young!


For me, Cataclysm is more like a hobby rather than a game. If it comes to me, thinking about many issues connected with Cataclysm, planning, talking about various methods of survival etc, take much MUCH more time than actual playing. I am used to thinking about Cataclysm during boring sermons in the church, washing dishes, cleaning house, smoking, travelling by bus etc. If my English were better, I would be able to write a book about Cataclysm that consists of 500+ pages. It would act as a general rant about various ways of survival in Cataclysm


Yaknow, its things like this that make contributing to this game worth it for me, the idea that ive contributed some small part to this recognition its got.

Sometimes when you sit in the Discord or on the subreddit or sometimes on here, you only get to see the gripes and the criticisms and you think “man , why am I doing this? when people are disparaging my work?” , cos you get a little bit precious about the thing as a whole that youve helped make in a small way.

Tihs can create a bit of a defensive attitude, cos im providing the fruits of my labour to people to enjoy for free, but then you see things like this and it reminds you that infact there are lots of people who enjoy it, and the moaners are the most vocal because thats the bias inherent in feedback, the satisfied people stay quiet mostly.

I’m new to game development, so im sure this is a rollercoaster of ups and downs that other devs have gone through, but its new to me, to find ways to navigate that sense of pride versus the over-protectiveness of that pride.

bit of a tangent, but just wanted to say how it gives me the warm fuzzies when something im helping create gets shouted out like this as something truly special.


Good point. This really goes to show that all the work the contributors have put in really has gone to make something special. I’ll raise a glass to recognize the work y’all have put in. :clinking_glasses:


Cheers to you all, for making the game great! A real one of a kind.


Damn straight it is!

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This game is def tops for me. Long after other games are dead or I am irrevocably bored of them, I will always come back to to cata.

You guys do an awesome job in an era thats full of one dimensional, boring and expensive fluff. Peeps pay 60 bucks for reskinned CoD number 83. This is a refreshing bit of beauty in a sad decade for gaming.

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