Nominating Cataclysm DDA for roguelike of the year

The Tales of Maj’Eyal has always struck me as just an RPG with a few RL elements really, but I guess that appeals to a lot of people. I also never really got into it, which hasn’t happened with pretty much any other RL, so it does not get my vote. No sir. Not one.

DCSS and Cata got my votes. DCSS because it’s by far the best balanced/fleshed out, and Cata because of the great potential.

Cata got ma vote also neo scavenger I really liked that game its what cata could become kinda

Voted for C:DDA, Elona+ and unreal world.

Dungeon Crawl is as good in those areas as ToME4.
And It’s even more balanced.

It just have better graphics and a larger audience because of that.
DarkGod makes publicity asking players to vote in the Roguelike of the year, other devs don’t bother.
So no wonders why it has won the last few years (still a great game!)

I voted DCSS (<3), Brogue, ToMe4, DoomRL, Powder (<3 for those last coffeebreak roguelikes too) and CDDA, pretty much in that order.
I like tactical non-spoilier based roguelikes with clean interfaces.
I’m new into CDDA, I know it doesn’t fit well in that description but has pretty innovative systems and gameplay (sandboxy) and I like it too and looks very promising, I bit much loot-based for my taste tho.

CDDA is getting an impressive amount of votes! GJ

I voted only for Elona+, but that’s only because I only noticed that multiple votes were allowed a second too late. Would’ve also put a vote for Cataclysm and DCSS otherwise.

I’ve actually been playing Tome recently and he’s got the pop-up running asking for votes, so I went and voted Tome… Then ran through the list of candidates and saw my precious DDA with a respectable voting chunk, and proceeded to click the “change your vote” button :slight_smile:

Tome is on Steam and having a nice high point at the moment… Another award wouldn’t improve or deduct from its overall current success…

And I love Tome simply for starting a character (of which there are many characters that can be replayed in wildly different ways, and I especially enjoy the non-viable crazy builds to the OP ones…) clicking “Exploration” mode (infinite lives, yo!) and hitting the Infinite Dungeon just to see how far down I can stand to go (killing every single thing on every floor)… Its also fun to chat-link versions of the first weakling bosses that I’m finding way down in the Infinite Dungeon at level 89 instead of the level 17 they are in the main game… The equipment generation is awesome in my book, and also at a really bad time in my life I emailed DarkGod and he actually gave me donator status free of charge… Good guy :stuck_out_tongue:

Still, this round the vote goes to Cata :> Muahahahahahaha!!

seems right now adom kicks TOME’s ass (1959 vs 1953), C:DDA has still quite decent number of votes (>1k).
It seems strange to me, that DF is not on the list, (although, there wasn’t any release this year, so maybe that’s the reason)

ADOM huh? Well…

Thanks for the votes everyone who has cast them, and no hard feelings to those who didn’t.
If we were more contest-driven, we would have tried to crank out an extra stable release just before the holidays, but by the time I realized a holiday release would be nice, it was already too late to get it done, sorry about that.

By the way, for those who said they would vote for DDA but didn’t notice they could vote for multiples, or clicked too soon, there’s a “change vote” button at the bottom of the list. If you want to change your vote away from DDA, there’s no such button :wink:

Well, I voted for Cataclysm, Unreal World and NEO Scavenger.

The vote result is here:

Noxico, an erotic roguelike, take the poll by storm with 5059 votes (30%), dethroned TOME with 5011 votes (30%), the third place is ADOM with 4168 votes (25%).
Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead takes the fourth place with 1478 votes (8%) - which is good in my opinion, considering that it surpassed DCSS with 715 votes (4%) and DCSS is a long-standing and well-known roguelike.

There is one thing I’m curious of however, early on IIRC CDDA relative percentage is at 20% (or was it 12% ?) but since Noxico started to storm the poll, the percent has been drop dramatically to 8%. This shown that the roguelike community can be quite competitive for the first place in an online poll (in someone’s personal blog), I’m pretty sure that the big ones did mobilized their players for the vote too, tome for example has an section in-game asking for vote during the poll.
All in all, I’d say CDDA is gaining popularity, it’s no longer an obscure roguelike, though not as well-known as the big names. Hoping that following this poll, more potential developers will become aware of CDDA and join in the project.

I’m just glad to see TOME go down.

It’s just such a…bad…game, IMO. Like, not enjoyable in the least.

Fuck me, Erotic Roguelike is legitimately a game genre I don’t think I ever expected to exist.

Still, good news that Cata got a non-negligible amount of votes. Even better news is that TOME lost.

Noxico? Really?

So the point of the poll was to see which game had players the most willing to botnet-cheat for votes and/or grease the site owner’s palm?

I’m actually kind of glad we didn’t place. That poll is obviously as crooked as a dog’s hind leg.

Well, it's a tricky situation since there looks to be obvious vote-rigging from ADOM and ToME fans too. If you remove Noxico should you remove them?

This is hilarious. All the bullshit for votes guys went through, and Noxico the porn roguelike wins.
Here’s to Andrew for keeping the results. Putting this popularity contest bullshit in it’s place.

“…porn roguelike…”

How does that even work?

“Mmm, look at those @'s go!”

The mind boggles.

I tried looking it up when it was announced as the winner but stopped researching Noxico when I got to the part where they said that it’s an ‘erotic roguelike’ game.

Seeing their homepage was enough for me.