No recreational drugs mod

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This mod will not be used by many, but for some it may help avoid awkward conversations like, “Come on, Dad, in the future zombie apocalypse of course there will be drugs everywhere - gawd.”

To install: Create a new folder in the cdda/data/mods folder - name it No_Recreationals. Then create a new Text Document in that folder and rename it modinfo.json - you should receive a warning that if you change the file name extension, the file might become unusable but you are sure you want to change it so just click Yes. Next, copy/paste the following code information into the newly created modinfo.json with Notepad or Notepad++ and save.

    "type": "MOD_INFO",
    "mod-type": "SUPPLEMENTAL",
    "ident": "No_Recreationals",
    "name": "No Recreationals",
    "description": "Removes all recreational drug instances from the game so that my dad doesn't freak when I teach him how to play.",
    "category": "item_exclude",
    "path": "modinfo.json"
    "type": "ITEM_BLACKLIST",
    "items": [

Have I forgotten anything? I know there are roaches but you don’t find them unless you dropped one.

First mi-go says to the second mi-go: “Open and shut case, Johnson, let’s sprinkle some crack on him and get out of here.”

You are missing all the tobacco and alcohol products, maybe that was intentional? I think you are incorrect about roaches, for instance a quick search for joint_roach in the code shows that npcs can spawn with them and they can spawn in hippie vans.

That looks good.

im not big on drug use in the game, for many reasons including a personal distaste of them, but I approve of this.

you missed shrooms, but theyre rare afaik. adderall and hard opiates are still in. mutagen might be slightly harder to use now too, since drugs are a source of needles. and, sewer fumes are a ‘drug’, if you count sniffing condensed blackwater as an acceptable recreational activity.

tobacco and liquor should be a seperate mod though. or at least alcohol. its such a useful thing, so useful an endgame strat relies upon it, and it spawns in glass bottles, which themselves are amazing.


for the sake of above mentioned parents i will clarify.

alcohol is a potent enough fuel source, both for burning and as a metabolic agent. with the help of an electronic implant, rather a series of them, you can drink the booze, which get filtered by an artifical liver, which burns it off to make ‘bionic power’, which then can be used for any number of things. a bionic implant to remove the toxic effect of drinking so much exists, and ironically it is cheap to use, resulting in a net gain of power. then you can use a bionic to rehabilitate your immune system and not get sick.

its unbalanced to the point where people have been documented to obtain over 30 thousand units of power to abuse this cheat. a basic power bionic stores 100 power, for reference.

glass bottles are used to store luquids in, such as water or acid, or fertilizer or nitrate or anything. they also can be turned into heat activated explosives and into water purification machines. or thrown to make noise

but drug use in cdda isnt a positive thing. it destroys your health stat over the long term, it consumes your time to aquire more, and it requires regular use or you end up with crippling withdrawl symptoms. its more of a hardship people take, to make the game more challanging

Thank you, Pandromidal, for clearing that up about roaches. I’ve included it in the dropbox file. And, yes, I don’t think alcohol nor tobacco would be an issue I’d worry about.

pisskop, Thanks for your insight. There are a few more items that could be considered “drugs” in the game besides the ones I’ve listed but they’re marginal and I don’t think they’d be too much of a problem - at least, I wouldn’t be self-conscious of what my father would be thinking as we play through a game. With shrooms, I’m leaning on leaving them in because “mushroom_magic” and “mushroom_poison” are tied together and if it is the only illegal drug in the game then it’s something I can deal with.

Thanks again to both of you. Here’s a link [URL=][/URL]