More Drugs!

I feel like this game needs more drugs. That’s part of what makes Cataclysm, balancing an overdose with the threat of imminent death. But this game could have more details to it.

So, currently, this game has heroin, cocaine, and meth, and crack.
Well, on the streets, there are different grades of drugs.

I think there ought to be good versions of a drug, and bad versions of a drug. Depending on chance, and skill level, if manufactured.

Let’s say you find some skag heroin, or make yourself some with a low cooking skill. Let’s say you inject it. You ought to get sick. And there ought to be an item of a dirty needle, that could carry disease. A clean needle could be crafted somehow, maybe heating it.

Let’s say you cook up some bathtub meth at the first level you can craft it. It ought to be about 20% less stimulative because crank often contains impurities.
Once you level up though, you could cook chemically pure meth.

I think there ought to be steroids as well that you could take over a long time to increase your strength little by little.

There also ought to be PCP which could render you incredibly strong, but give you hallucinations and mood swings.

I think there also ought to be Krokodil craftable from codeine, when you can’t find oxycodone. But it should do like twenty damage to your arm every time you use it to simulate the gangrene.

Also, it would be fun to find LSD lying around. And there ought to be positive hallucinations. If there are hallucinations that trigger negative morale, then it should be relatively simple to recode and rename it to something like having a vision of Jesus or something and giving a positive morale boost.

What do you think? I would appreciate feedback, and if anyone would care to steal these ideas, please do.

Please steal these ideas.

My theory on acid would be a few hours of positive morale and hallucinations followed by about a day with low INT.

Id love to be able to infuse spirits with cocaine, opium and weed too.

MDMA? Mescaline? Ether?

If this gets implemented I’m roleplaying Hunter S. Thompson.

YES! That would be amazing.
Cataclysm: Fear and Loathing in the Zombie Apocalypse.

We were somewhere around New England, on the edge of the forest, when the drugs began to take hold. I remember saying something like:
"I feel a bit lightheaded. Maybe you should drive."
Suddenly, there was a terrible roar all around us, and the sky was full of what looked like huge bees, all swooping and buzzing and diving around the car, and a voice was screaming:
“Holy Jesus. What are these goddamn animals?”

We can’t stop here! This is worm country!

RIP Hunter S. A true high powered freak never intended for mass production.

Banana is made of drugs, monkey is made of drugs! Whole market is made of drugs!
American money only (Our money is made of drugs)

Love the ideas, especially croc. Should stain the walls around you purple when you cook it :stuck_out_tongue:
Cook hash with marijuana and alcohol maybe?

Drug Conflicts:

Prozac+Tramadol is bad, both being SSRIs.
Prozac+Mushrooms can be a -very- long trip.

Xanax+Alcohol increases the chance of overdose highly.

Caffeine+Adderall+Cocaine+Meth can’t be good for you…maybe decrease dex due to hands shaking, or hallucinations?

Also, a random idea for a trait - opiate allergy. Have a friend with this, opiates basically cause immense pain.

Had a friend with that, they gave him morph for something and his lungs stopped working.

In my friends case, the genius doctors decided she must be in so much pain she needs more morphine. So pain increased. So they gave her more morphine…

Is he ok? Or did they stop working forevur

He pulled through fine in the end, but nobody had any idea till that moment, it was one of those things where he went to hospital for something normal and shit got serious very fast. They had to restart him twice from what I heard, scary stuff.

Respiratory illness is no laughing matter. I had pneumonia at one point, my lungs hurt like hell, but the doctor said he couldn’t do anything to ease the pain because painkillers can make you hold all that crap in your lungs when you should be coughing your lung’s worth of phlegm out into the world. Had to deal with things like aspirin, and cough syrup.

Speaking of which, cough syrup in the game should be able to cause hallucinations.

And meth labs should have a chance of exploding and flooding a house with fumes or acid.

More ideas! More research needed for each but
Ibuprofen! Why oh why is there no ibuprofen!
Also Gabapetin, Hydrocodone, Potassium, fiber supplement, pure Adrenaline, testosterone and estrogen, agent orange, platypus toxin…
I wonder if Plasma research has been delved into in this time period? If so we could have dexalin and similar drugs too…

Yes, adrenaline is a good idea. And morphine would too. The syringe is really under used in game. You could make adrenochrome from a live human, or a fresh corpse.

Adrenachrome isn’t actually real, but I suppose that means nothing for Cataclysm. Just an interesting tidbit.

Maybe Nitrous Oxide for a morale boost, but it leaves you pretty helpless for a short period of time? Also kills pain.

Adrenochrome is real, only in reality it’s more mundane than Thompson described. It’s oxidised adrenaline

Ah, my bad. I was just basing my information on a pretty funny anecdote on IMDb. I also phrased it incorrectly. I didn’t mean to say it wasn’t real as a substance, just that the stuff from the book wasn’t real as I assumed you were taking it from there based on all the Fear and Loathing in this thread. Assumptions make an ass out of me.

The anecdote:
“Near the end of this film, Duke takes too much “andrenichrome” and has a nasty experience. Andrenichrome was a substance that Hunter S. Thompson made up for the book when he originally wrote it, and was kept in the script by Terry Gilliam. The name itself wasn’t new - Adrenochrome is an oxidation product of adrenaline, while Adrenochrome semicarbazone, also known as carbazochrome, is used as a medicinal drug to reduce capillary bleeding - however, neither compound is a hallucinogenic drug as portrayed in the book/film. After showing a rough cut of the film to a test audience, Gilliam was approached by a group of young men, one of which complimented him on the film in general, but said that his favorite scene was the andrenichrome scene. He said that he had used the drug and that Gilliam had captured the effects perfectly. Gilliam didn’t have the heart to tell the kid that it was made up, and went along with his story.”

On the positive side, we could have adrenochrome semicarbazone as a way to combat the new bleeding out system.
I haven’t looked up any side effects for it though, so it may be a last resort.

On another note, are there any ways to add spoilers on these forums? I would have preferred to spoiler that huge anecdotal wall of text, but text doesn’t work in the post preview.

Back in the day, they’d store adrenaline in syrettes. Well, these syrettes would suffer decomposition and oxidisation, and turn into “Pink Adrenaline”. Course, at the time, they didn’t know about adrenachrome. Rumor has it that these injections of degraded adrenaline caused hallucinations along with the normal effects of adrenaline, because of the adrenochrome impurity.