No Nether Creatures Mod [WIP] Version 0.2 (5/31/19)

Current Version: 0.2

A whole four years have passed since I created this mod… and I totally have forgotten about it! :sweat_smile:
Now it’s time to make up for it and fix up this mod!

Since this is my very first mod there will be bugs. If you find any bugs, please report them to me and I’ll try my best to fix it.

Update 11/08/15

Slime Pits no longer generate, & Vortex Stones no longer spawn Vortexes.

Update 5/31/19

Slime Pits can now generate again; Vortex Stones can now spawn their Vortexes (Again);
Added Albino Penguins, & Amigara Horrors to the blacklist.

You can get the mod here

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Interesting. And as I’ve suggested, you could further enhance this by overwriting the vortex stone and…portal generator I think, dunno if the portals it spawns does anything.

Thanks For The Feedback, And I Think Portals Spawn, Stuff Not Entirely Sure if they do though. I’ll Take a Look into It.

Will have to see if they do, yeah. Vortex stones definitely do. Since they might have uses outside spawning vortexes, simply adding a version with no use_action and 0 charges to the mod should work.

Hm, I never knew Vortex stones Spawned stuff.

Added/Changed A Few Things With The New Version. Make Sure To Download it (If You Want, No One’s Forcing You) And Get The New “Features”!

Jaden Smith Now Makes Cata Mods, Who Knew

I’m sure this mod isn’t maintained anymore, but just want to mention this just in case someone does update it. The current game throws errors when trying to start or load a save with this mod installed.

 DEBUG    : warnings for type vortex_stone:
invalid revert_to property null

 FUNCTION : void Item_factory::check_definitions() const
 FILE     : src/item_factory.cpp
 LINE     : 1121

 DEBUG    : In overmap special "Slime Pit", point [0,0,0], location "never" is invalid.
 FUNCTION : void overmap_special::check() const
 FILE     : src/overmap.cpp
 LINE     : 986

Full stack trace:

'Looks like my slap-job solution of preventing the Vortex from spawning when you activate the Vortex Stone broke; seems like a relatively quick thing to fix.

And yeah, I stopped working on it a long time ago due to the fact I presumed no one was using it.

Edit: Forgot to ask, which version of Tiles (Or Curse) are you using @Drift_91?
Edit Edit: Also appears that the Slime pit is also broken. I’m just gonna remove that line of code prevent them (And the Slimes themselves) from spawning, as the Slime’s blob is used in recipes.

@TheMightyHercules My CDDA launcher says I’m on Tiles 0.D-3772-g140838e

Going to try out the update and see how it runs. Thanks for updating it, btw! :smiley:

No problemo my dude!

I tried to use this mod, but there was an error that comes up and boots me back to the main menu:

DEBUG : Error: Json error: data/mods/Removes Nether Creatures/modinfo.json:67:40: duplicate entry in json object
“locations” : [ “never” ], “//”:“what special locations does it spawn”,
“city_distance” : [0, 0], “//”:"
how far from a city it should be",
“city_sizes” : [0, 0], “//”:“what city sizes should it spawn in”,
“occurrences” : [0, 0], “//”:“how many per overmap”,

FUNCTION : bool main_menu::new_character_tab()
FILE : src/main_menu.cpp
LINE : 865

The last time this thread has been touched was 2019, and it was posted in 2015; I am pretty sure this mod is dead.

Probably, but no harm in posting either way.