"No Hope" mod v2.6

Nope, unfortunately. If only “make the game harder and more fun”, but that’s too vague. In short: most locations should be looted; loot should be scarce; monsters should be dangerous; NPCs should be dangerous. Something like that.

Yes, I guess so. I want to add bandits to most locations which player finds attractive - LMOE, military bunkers, and so on. If player considers this locations as priority targets for looting, then bandits most probably will think so too.

We already have single NPCs wandering around and looting, is that you mean?

Yes, definitely. I just need more free time…

I guess so. We already have police and military roadblocks, but they only have simple road barricades. I think there’s nothing preventing us from adding a sandbag/earthbag barricades. And I also think this would fit vanilla too, no reason to restrict it to mod only.


Welcome version 2.5 of the mod!

Changes for versions 2.1 - 2.5:

  • Added my old “shrub with a bee hive” furniture which spawns bees.
  • Removed all turrets from military vehicles.
  • Added partial Russian translation and instructions on how to apply translation.
  • Replaced diesel fuel with jp8 as per CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA#46824 and lowered its amount to minimal values.
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Welcome version 2.6 of the mod!

In this version all LMOE shelters will have a rather high chance to spawn several bandits inside. Also made getting inside the shelter harder as entry door above ground is now locked.

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Thanks for the answers!
There is a problem with NPС - they do not use firearms at a sufficient distance. They (NPCs) try to shorten the distance and approach the player, and if the player has a weapon equal to theirs, then the advantage is on the player’s side.
Because of this the balance is broken and having, I think, any weapon of caliber 5.56 or 7.62 the player can with impunity (almost) shoot any raiders, collecting from them new cartridges 5.56 (because most of them are armed with M4A1 or M14) and so continue indefinitely.
And so it turns out that, on the one side - raiders and bandits not bad diversify the game, and at first, especially in the wilderness, they are more likely to be the main danger.
But on the other side, when you get your first firearm, the raiders become nothing more than a target, and it’s just a question of how successfully the player can keep them at a distance.

This is a well-known issue, but that’s not the mod’s problem, but rather the game itself - for example, see NPCs do not consistently use their ranged weapons · Issue #38609 · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub.

Hey hey! Another comment from TG community!

  1. The description of the mod states that the zombie revival is cut from the mod, as there are problems with it.
    What are the problems associated with it?
    The zombie revival mechanic was annoying for some players, but on the other hand very fun.
    Moreover - before the increase in the number of bullets in turrets, this mechanic was associated with one of the tactics of escape from the laboratory (throwing dead bodies in the turret).
    Well, and other nice things, like forgotten corpses that get up and give the player trouble.
  2. Yes, looters and bandits are fun, but for the experienced player at the start of the game are just bags of useful items, and the opportunity to get a very good outfit at the start of the game (up to automatic firearms)
    If the mod aims to bring back cut mechanics from the game, here are a few questions
  3. Turrets on a vehicle.Why? Because they used to be convenient sources of ammo, and they looked right in the game world.

4.1 Will drugs be restored to their former glory? Like Improved characteristics when using drugs.
4.2 Fungus infection is not at all interesting at this time. Will the possibility of losing your hands come back?
4.3 The zombie scientists had the ability to open doors and throw acid vials and manhacks cut out. That used to be pretty fun! Passing the lab was more difficult

  1. If the mod becomes a fork - does that mean that it will develop in its own way, and CDDA mods will not be compatible with it? (Secronom, BL9)

There are several monsters in the game whose armor value is stated to be derived from the monster’s armor. Zombie soldier is an example of such monsters (but actually this applies to any humanoid zombie in the game, as they all wear some sort of clothing/armor). If you kill zombie soldier and loot its bulletproof vest, its armor value should be equal only to its natural armor (i.e. skin), but at the moment there is no such mechanics in the game, and resurrected zombie soldier, while naked, still has armor value as if it still has its vest.

But even if there were no problems with this mechanics, I’m the one that finds it annoying and adding nothing to gameplay. I find “throwing-corpses-to-turrets” stuff more like of exploit rather than of valid tactics, and it’s definitely not the reason to bring it in my mod.

Fortunately it’s easy to turn the reviving back on for those who want it.

The truth is literally nothing is a threat to an experienced player, even in early-game. Thus we can’t take experienced players as a reference point when balancing things. If we artificially increase difficulty of game in an effort of making game harder to experienced players, we will make the game literally unplayable for casual or inexperienced players. Some time ago I made an answer in post on similar matter: Cataclysm's Current Level of Difficulty - #8 by Valiant

We (the devs) are constantly trying to improve an AI of NPCs. Hopefully one day they will learn to use at least some of the tricks that players use.

  1. Intact turrets on vehicles in post-apocalypse is grossly unrealistic. Even if soldiers run out of ammo, when they abandon the vehicle, they would definitely take the weapon out of mount and take it with them. If it was a bandits’ ambush, where are the traces of battle? And why bandits wouldn’t take weapon and ammo as winners? If soldiers were killed by some nether creature that doesn’t need the weapon, someone else would definitely steal it sooner or later, especially after so much time passed after the riots began.
  2. Specifically because it’s so convenient source of weapons and ammo, and because it’s essentially a free loot with no guards or other threats, it’s utterly unbalanced. Can you imagine finding something like Flaming Sword of Destruction +3 (equivalent of finding a M60 with several full ammo belts in a Hummer) lying literally on the ground in Skyrim or any other RPG?

I don’t know. I never ever used drugs in the game, and I can’t say what were their effects before the nerf.

You must’ve confused my mod with the Bright Nights fork. I haven’t touched anything related to fungus in my mod.

It was all hardcoded, and I’m not sure if it’s possible to return with json-only modding. Most likely not.

I highly doubt I will someday dare to convert the mod into a fork. There are several reasons for this, and I don’t want to talk about it right now. I’m more inclined to include my mod to a set of mods shipped with the game. I think I will do this as soon as 0.F. comes out.

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I believe it was just a monster attack, which is still around on one of the lab robots and should be trivial to apply back to the scientist. Opening doors past that is just a flag.

Not necessarily. In perfect circumstances, yes, abandoning ordnance and materiel is retarded, but considering that a lot of the situations leading to the abandonment of these vehicles would be things like getting overrun by a horde of zombies, nobody in their right mind would want to try dismounting a Ma Deuce and lugging 100 lbs of useless metal around with them when they’re running for their lives. Solid points on the bandits, though, but if they don’t have the capability to manufacture more ammo or knowledge on a location to scavenge more, why would they waste their time taking what is, again, just a bunch of extra weight?

With riots happening for at least 9 months, any ownerless stuff most likely would be taken by someone quirky. The chance for intact turret to stay on vehicle for this much time I personally find minuscule.

From technical side of view, we don’t have possibility to define a chance for vehicle part to spawn. So I can’t set, let’s say, 10% chance to spawn for M60 turret on Humvees. Yes, I can create almost identical vehicle with no turrets and make it spawn 10 times rarer than vehicle with turrets, but I find it’s more hassle than it’s worth.