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You RULE @Zhilkin. Thanks.

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for some reason the mod don’t work well for me mostly ninja items have to icon to them and dont do anything as weapons (the fact i just from spawn could take down a ninja nest with a sledgehammer with no damage)


Try this:


how i mostly use a launcher


How’d you manage to install the ninja mod then?


the Ninja mod is on the launcher
i use
cdda-launcher. and I clicked the clone or download key already


Oh, I didn’t know it was on the launcher. You open the zip file that button will give you, drop the M_Ninja folder into your cdda\data\mods folder and create a new world or add the mod to an existing world manually.
edit: Its got the same Ident as original ninja mod, so just delete the old and put this one in. you’ll be good.


only problem is i dont have this folder.


What’s your operating system?


pc windows on a laptop


You’ve got that directory. Otherwise you wouldn’t be playing cataclysm. Typically the game will install in the same directory as the launcher, though that’s customizable. Open windows explorer and find it.

edit: to clarify you are looking for (cataclysm installation directory)\data\mods
cdda is what mine install directory is called, I think it’s the default, but probably wrong :wink:


all i found was this
there is a little more to the fill list but that was my name and thus i cut if from the post


So create it. I’m not seeing the issue here?


im just not the best with stuff like this so thanks for the help
ok turns out the folder you were talking about did exist just my search was being crap ended up finding it through my launcher
well hopefully this works. i lost all my worlds becuase of mod conflict


ok know that game wont run and i did what you i had to remove it completely said something about a missing monster or something


It’s problematic to add a mod which adds factions to an existing world. This mod adds factions, you’ll have to start a new world to use it properly.


no completely i deleted all the old worlds and tried a new one and still got the bug it completely blocked world playing so i had to remove it


Hey, it seems like there is still something up with this mod, likely caused by a recent update or something. As you can see from the error, some sort of monster/entity in the game doesn’t have a ‘harvest entry’ or something, causing an error message. This message also comes up for ‘mon_ninja_afterimage’ and ‘mon_ninja_spring_floor’.
Does anyone know how to fix this, or if they could fix it? I have another mod with the exact same problem, monsters not having harvest entries, whatever that means.


Recent butchery changes require monsters to have a new harvest field defined. It won’t cause any crazy issues with anything though. If you want to fix it, just throw a harvest field on the monster missing it. (In this case mon_ninja_decoy)