New Windows 10 computer not running CDDA

Just got a new computer that runs windows 10 as opposed to my usual computer with windows 7 that I have been running Cdda on for the past year.When I downloaded the new experimental version of the game, the launcher and game files (both the .exe files) appeared as white pages (windows 10 doesn’t recognize or know how to open them).

Has anyone had this happen to them when they switched to windows 10? Its a pretty much brand new computer, so it may be I need to install some basic type of software to run it, or maybe run in compatibility mode?

I’m on Windows 10 and the launcher/experimental as well as Cooper run fine on my computer.

.exe files are about as basic as it comes, windows should know how to handle that. I suppose it’s possible that if you’re not an administrator account it might prevent the file from reading and executing?

Yeah its really weird…

The launcher and game (tiles version) are shown as white pages with just the “file” type in properties. I tried just renaming them to have the .exe ending, but doing so causes a message “this app cant run on your pc.”

I’m going to play around with it and see what I can do. My account is an admin so that wont be whats stopping it from running for some reason.

Some windows 10 computers by default run in S mode, google how to turn that off and run normal exe files

also check the properties and make sure its allowed to be run as an executable. Lot of systems are doing that crap where if they don’t have the vender verified in their system you have to manually turn on execution of the files.

Got it, windows defender was just blocking it from running. Not sure why it wasn’t even showing it as a .exe, but its working fine now.

Thank you everyone for your help!

Did you download game archive from here - What happens when you unpack this archive? Do you see multiple folders (with files in them) and Cataclysm.exe?