New Weapon mods or weapons not in the game that should be (i.e. Slingbow)

Weapon ideas/modifications or new weapon suggestions

Staff sling would be pretty cool.

I would love to see bolas, a gravity gun, portal gun and lightsabers

I would love to see the autofire mod make a return.

There is a portal gun in games, but portals don’t do much at the moment.

Some more electrified weapons would be cool considering we have flaming ones.

Homemade spring guns and dart guns. Also something to bring mechanics up to one without being forced to find a book or pick 100 doors or something like that.
Last but not least a homemade alternative to 40mm grenades.

What do you mean by spring gun exactly?

There is two craftable types of 40mm, but for some reason it’s buckshot and flechette. Because obviously when you think “shotgun” the first thing that comes to mind is “rotary grenade launcher”.

Spring gun is a term for an air gun that compressed air via a piston in a chamber actuated by a compressed spring. I.e. a nerf gun that shoots a more deadly projectile.

As for alternatives to 40mm I knew I should have better specified. I mean an alternative where unlike the 40mm an explosive or fragmentation version can be crafted (no the survivor rocket launcher doesn’t count in this case)

It would be fairly trivial to make 40mm frag rounds craftable. Someone just needs to do it.