Weapon Ideas

What modern (or semi-futuristic) weapons do you want to see in Cataclysm…

The reason why I am asking is that I just made a mod with like… 55 guns in it and have ran out of ideas for what else to put in it.
Shotguns, Rifles, Smgs, Pistols, LMGs, HMG, Anything!

I need ideas!!

I’d be very impressed if you manage to make something like the HL2 gravity gun. But that would probably be a pain to code.

I think it would just be an item version or the Electromagnetic CBM. I might try that though, never know.

Mortars! With HE, Smoke and Incendiary (White Phosphorus) shells too.
Plus, improvised mortars.

Take that, Hulk.

For mortars you would need to code that they can only be used on open air. So no inside buildings, and no underground. And since they have indirect fire, you would be able to fire over obstacles, even where you can’t see. And you would very high skill to be decently precise, since there is very complicated math shit involved with calculating the projectile’s trajectory.
Also, I would point that BB gun are pretty useless. With a decent fabrication, you should be able to craft an overworked BB machine gun. Maybe not something with ‘‘normal’’ auto fire, it just has multiple barrels. Like, 20. And you can shoot all them one afther the other very quickly. It wouldn’t be cumbersome because the barrels would be tiny, and there is no magazine. You would need at least a firearm repair kit to craft it, because BBs are very small and therefore the internal mechanism would be too. I would suggest also a strenght-dependant reload: because it is overengineered, you need to manually pump the pression, in order to get the joules the weapon was intended to use. This may lead to 10 seconds reloads or so, but it wouldn’t be less powerful than an industrial grade 22. gun. It is a shame that it is realistically impossible to craft BBs, tho.

EDIT: Artyom, is your mod already in the experimentals? Because I would like to try it out

RE-EDIT: The strenght-dependent reload is easy to get, since it is already coded in for crossbows

The no-firing-inside-buildings or underground is a valid problem, sure. (with z-levels, its no problem - just allow firing if there are at least 5+ empty z-levels above the firing position)
As is, one would have to do a “more hacky” implementation:
If its underground, disallow completely as there are no high ceilings undeground currently (missile silo discounted as it is very cramped inside)
If above ground, disable firing if the mortar’s tile has a roof. If the target’s tile has a roof, allow the mortar to land on that roof :wink:

The indirect firing method is no problem though, just choose the point inside the reality bubble where you wish the shell to land. If its valid to shoot (no ceiling), shell will land there. (if accurate shot)

As for accurancy, i guess a mortar cannot be astoundingly difficult to aim, or soldiers would not hit anything during battle conditions. Mortar teams certainly weren’t crunching ballistics math in the field.

My impression is that mortars are marked with a distance scale, so one has to point correctly, assess distance, set the weapon for that distance, and fire.
Of course this is not really accurate, but it is no problem with a big blast radius.

And of course, heavy weapons skill can represent mortar accurancy: Shell lands in a random position inside a circle with the target in the center, and within a radius determined by skill. (large radius with low skill and small with high skill)

For completion purposes:
If not moving between shots, each consequent mortar shot must gain an accurancy bonus (simulating aiming readjustments)

I want a ball and chain. Functions like a bullwhip where you can throw the ball part into enemies. The can be crafted in varying sizes. Smaller ones are faster, and the big ones hit hard, but takes a lot of time to fire.

In fact, an old fashioned cannon that you can drag around would be nice.

The morter idea would be hard to code, the Ball and chain wouldn’t be too bad… And the cannon? Next update.

And one very dumb weapon idea. A wieldable pair of gloves/gauntlets… like the fire gauntlets. In fact, turn that fire gauntlets literal. There are blades that can be crafted so they can be set on fire to increase damage, and a baseball bat, so why not a pair of gauntlets for fiery martial arts action!

This sound fun!
And should also become !FUN! under circumstances:
Make the gloves slowly deteriorate over time while on fire, until when they get destroyed, the player’s hands are on fire!
Fiery punches FTW.

Why wouldn’t mortars be usable inside?

You fire the HE mortar.
The ceiling collapses.
Your head hurts.
Your arms hurt.
Your torso hurts.
Your legs hurt.
You can’t move your legs.
You are bleeding.
You are deaf.

[quote=“Muaddib, post:11, topic:10036”]Why wouldn’t mortars be usable inside?

You fire the HE mortar.
The ceiling collapses.
Your head hurts.
Your arms hurt.
Your torso hurts.
Your legs hurt.
You can’t move your legs.
You are bleeding.
You are deaf.[/quote]

And if we get the option of finding remote controllable robotic mortars that could even work as a passable self destruct mechanism!

RE mortar implementation:
Since we have 3D terrain data (we already have it, just not doing much with it), we might as well calculate a real trajectory and check for collisions, with a safety check for firing it into a ceiling.
In the extreme case we might even allow ballistic fire for other guns? In theory shouldn’t a LARGE burst of gunfire be effective ballistically if you get your angles right? Or does something spoil that, like bullet tumbling? Obviously you’re not aiming at a particular target, so you’d really have to saturate an area with rounds, but it might be worthwhile in some cases.
Considering the ranges involved, mortars and other highly ballistic projectile fire might be an overmap-scale thing, where you pick a target square on the overmap instead of on the normally loaded map.

Likewise, if you have the arm for it you should be able to throw a grenade over a building or through a window, will want to sort out how that works.

With a prompt saying that you are underground, just to be fair!

You can in fact, and some models of machineguns include sighting options for indirect fire, as well as training for it. While it’s only PRACTICAL with a proper machinegun, there’s a good reason pulling a Yosemite Sam impression and firing into the air is generally illegal.

Also related, some guns could also be sighted to fire up not for the purpose of indirect fire, but to target low-flying aircraft. Again more practical for a machinegun, but if I recall the Arisaka rifles are an odd, notable example of a gun with sights allowing this. Rather optimistic of the IJA.

Drones that you can interact with like a terminal and play with the settings and ai of. You can find better software on usb sticks for them.

Potentially complex to code, but interesting if control laptops weren’t the only way to interact with robots.

I personally want more fancy, older guns :open_mouth:

A pepperbox pistol, maybe? Or some old .44 lever actions and such?

Or a proper old-fashioned gatling? X3

And maybe some more things including the disposable razor blade. It’s a scarcely used item, from what I’ve seen.
Perhaps a deadlier, painful version of the bullwhip, incorporating razors?