Improvise fire arms

Zip guns, other homemade pistols, homemade shotgun, modified cap guns etc…

Any plans on adding these? Even though guns can be found anywhere, I think this should be craftable. They are less affected than actual guns, and they can backfire on the shooter themselves. They can be used for training and hunting animals, also when you’re giving an npc a weapon. Not that much benefits but meh, it’ll be a nice addition to the game.

Also, muh dogs, they explode in the cars!

…Yes. These are in.

There are some, but only for some calibers (.22, 9mm, shotgun and 40mm grenade).
If someone were to create more, they’d probably get accepted.

I highly recommend learning how to contribute. Adding more guns would be mostly a copy+paste job, no programming required, no compiling required, just make, test if they work, upload and pull request.

If you do, adding some personality to each would be neat, instead of just having 10 different generic “pipe guns”.