New Stats?

I just downloaded the latest Experimental Build the other day (df57ca6) and a character that I created had the following stats.

Str: 7
Dex: 12
Int: 14
Per: 9

When my character went to sleep; all his stats got reset to 8 based upon my skills. Which at that moment weren’t very high.
Is this the new way Stats are to be managed? Because I just lost a lot of Character Creation points from the reset…

And I did not pick the Mod “StatsThroughSkills” By Ryan “DeNarr” Saige when I was creating the world. Any help here?

Well, i don’t know why it happened (not using the latest experimental^_^), but I know how you can fix it, at least temporarily: Open the debug menu, choose 'Edit player/npc (d), hit enter once to choose yourself and use ‘edit stats’ in order to get your old stats back.
That, + someone possibly telling you why it happened and how you can stop should help you out immensely :slight_smile:

Just tested this on 60acb7f (build 3377) and I can’t replicate it without the stats/skills mod being active.

Do you have any more information on this?

Okay… I just made two worlds, one with the Stats mod and one without it. The one without it worked just fine while the world with the Stats mod did the Stat reset thing. I probably made a mistake and picked the stats mod when I was going to pick another one with my first world explained in my first post.

My Bad…

Well, anyways, thanks for helping me and all that stuff. You guys have a good day :smiley: