Game breaking issue with stats through skills enabled on latest builds

All players, NPCS will constatly deplete in Head, Torso, and Arms until death when stats through skills is enabled. This applies even with debug invincibility applied to players or NPCs.

In addition, this depletion will “infect” any other world or save loaded, even if that world doesn’t have statsthroughskills enabled in that session. Restarting, and loading a save without that mod doesn’t reapply it until stars through skills is enabled again.

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I confirm that, have the same issue with my current saves, doesn’t matter which save to load (I have some backups), char starts decaying and dies in few turns.
Stats Through Skills is enabled.

We need a fix asap. I had to rollback to 8605, works fine.

the build is 8612 experimental, the version is 0.D-496-g7d7eaf6 (tiles)

Should be fixed by this and this PRs.

Is that fixed in 8613 ? Adjusted recalc_hp means exactly that, right ?

Yes this should be fixed as of 8613


I am testing 8613 now, so far it doesn’t appear on my newly created world, but I will test it with existing worlds.

Edit: Can confirm this issue is fixed, with both newly created and existing characters.

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Thanks, Kevin. Appreciate that.