New Places and 'occurrences'

I suggest putting in even more places, as with the real world, there are more than about a dozen stores etc etc. A couple things would be a house under-construction/ a whole building under-construction I.E. skyscrapers. Maybe even have the option to make what kind of city? I’d like to have one like New York with tons of skyscrapers.
The last thing I’d love to see would be something like more events. Not sure how that could happen but if so I’d like to see things happen to me.
Please leave any thoughts or comments :slight_smile:

You put this in the warehouse.

The warehouse is the place for discussing stuff on the wiki.

The drawing board is for ideas.

I’m… lost.

I don’t see any mention of a wiki in that post. He seems to be suggesting some ideas for in game content. Why doesn’t that belong in the drawing board? Just wondering.

…That’s what I’m saying.

This is the sub board of the Lab that deals with the wiki exclusively if that helps

…yes, we all understand that its in the wrong section.
Stop reiterating the same thing please.

Whoops. I was very tired when I posted that. Somehow I thought you were saying the opposite (i.e. This was in the drawing board which was wrong so we moved the thread to here.)