[New Building] Firehouse!

So I saw this thread in the bugs forum


And I thought it would be great if there was a regional fire brigade depot which had a fat garage and could spawn firetrucks and pickup trucks. Maybe. It also could spawn wreckage.

Some other people on that thread had great ideas for spawns too:

  • fire axe
  • fire safety suit and gauntlets
  • fire helmet

And a fireman / firewoman profession? Why is only “firewoman” spellchecked as wrong?

.< Blarf.
Let’s go with “Firefighter”. That sounds WAY MORE BADASS anyway >:D

One for the drawing board!

I hear vache has a plan for a 2x2 Firehouse. Hoping xe draws out and PRs the thing already! :wink:

Kewl, 2x2 sounds good. What I envisioned. Also check this out –

For reference, here is about what I was thinking for a fire station:

With Sims tiles

Looks great. I eagerly await the fire station and hopefully Firefighter someday. If not, I shall learn to do it myself! Professions seem pretty easy to mock up. :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“vache, post:4, topic:4381”]For reference, here is about what I was thinking for a fire station:

Looks good. I’d been wanting to tour the local firehouse (single-story) and diagram it out but never found the time.

Thinking maybe widening the garage would be good–doesn’t look like much room to maneuver if both trucks are at home (verisimilitude is important–the fire trucks were probably both home fairly often pre-Cata). I think it works pretty OK as is. Maybe a chance for a gas pump in the garage?

My final design actually does include the gas pumps, that was from a version just before and I didn’t think to take another screenshot

Where are the buildings located in the files? I don’t see a json for them, are they somewhere else?

I wouldn’t mind taking a crack at playing with some of the layouts (especially the houses - they always seem to spawn with weirdly MASSIVE bathrooms and stuff).

Building designs are hard coded now, but future versions should allow json defined buildings to be imported.