Building and company names!

Like worlds, I think i’d be neat if within cities, certain buildings like bars, office and apartment towers, and shops in general could get a randomly generated name plausibly view-able from a slab or display out front, or displayed when you hover over them on maps once you go into them or something like that. It could also be useful for future NPC quests that have you go to certain buildings.

Hmmmmm… I likey.

They were talking about making signs for the various cities in the IRC a while ago. It didn’t seem that difficult to make the sign objects, just the actual names being put on them that seemed difficult, but I’m not sure if that’s true.

I think they talked about it in one of the lore related threads - someone suggested a dwarf fortress-like generator for random company and band names(for office towers and flyers) i think our admin Kevin Granade liked the idea.

For some reason I just had visions of seeing an ad for the local grocery store:
“Come to Wickedblood, for all your grocery needs!”

Kevin said that every city has a random name, it’s just never displayed. Maybe we are gonna get to see them some day?

If there were names for stores, I think it would be best if they didn’t appear on the map. We don’t need long randomly generated names confusing people when they’re trying to learn what the map symbols mean.

Maybe as a Note autogenerated over the town “center”?

The store names could just show up in the current location portion of the status menu, or be examined over the doorway

I love the idea. Not clear on details.

I think the main thing would be signage items. Like you’d have a signpost next to a road leading into towns saying:
Welcome to Layetteville, population 356
And stores could have similar signs placed by mapgen, the actual contents would be based on the location of the sign, when you look at it the code looks up what store it’s in and adds to the message, the same way city signs would work.

That’s a great idea, Kevin.

The game takes place in new england, I have recommended authentic new england locations.