Crop planters for vehicles

“We can store cows in cars now, can we not?
But why not grow, say, tomato plants next to your cooking station?
One could also build a mobile greenhouse or hydroponics lab.
With enough persistence and the proper education I imagine it could be done.”

I remember a mod that adds garden pots to the game that allows you to plant seeds on a gardening pot.
I think it works like the charcoal maker thing

Mobile greenhouses are not going to be supported in vanilla unless someone codes in support for the plants having a chance to get bumped around too much and die while you’re traveling and especially if you’re in a crash crash. I don’t care enough about this issue to add the relevant code; dpwb might be willing to do it but I can’t speak for him. Otherwise, you’re going to have to write the code yourself or use the garden pot mod.