Brewing in vehicles?

Hello is it possible to build a fermenting vat and a still in a vehicle? I would like to brew stuff in my mobile base and i cant seem to find a way to do it. If possible, could someone whip up a mobile version of the still and the vat to be installed in vehicles? Thank you

Also what about farming in vehicles? Kindof a hydroponic type deal, so we can be truly mobile, no need for a fixed base

Currently not possible.
Moving fermenting vat functions to a vehicle part wouldn’t be very hard, though.
No need for a vehicle still, because currently still is an item and thus can be easily carried around in a vehicle.

wouln’t addind brewing functions to wooden kegs (item variety) be good enough? why vehicle?

I’m not 100% sure about it, but wouldn’t the contents of the liquid currently fermenting being stirred around (like that of a moving car) would be bad for the fermentation process?

Yes it is very bad for the process. Same with temperature fluctuations.

so are you saying i can use the still and the vat as an item, without deploying it as a construction project?

2)would anyone enlighten me as to how i can transfer vat functions to a vehicle part? Which files do i modify?

3)what about farming in a vehicle? like a hydroponic rack type deal?

Still yes, vat no. The vat is not an item but a construction menu thing.