Suggest Returning the vehicle interface to not sucking

Seriously. What good does the new vehicle interface bring? From what I can see, it changes the layout but adds zero. And at the same time, it makes dealing with things that used to be simple like adding fuel to your vehicle into a royal multi-step pain in the ass. So not only is there no gain, there is loss. Added pointless tedium. Stupid.

Concepts like code review, design review, and maybe even testing should be embraced here - and when some pointless change is made to the game, someone should be questioning WTF it is doing and possibly have people who work on the game vote to veto.

I also suggest that people who work on this game be serious. This shouldn’t just be some play pen where wannabes dink around to experiment with being a developer. The reason I say this is because it seems like lately changes are made to the game that make zero sense - it’s like coding for the sake of coding and experimentation and no other reason - it adds nothing. Another example of this is how the inventory/drop screens are different are now. I see zero gain to this. It’s just different. You might even argue that since it’s a different size every time you pop it up that it’s distracting.

Surely there are a lot of good things that could be done to the game that actually add to the game rather than just random programmer whim #99.

Man, take a chill pill. Just saying. I don’t care about whatever they did to the vehicle interface, i’m responding just to say that you shouldn’t be that hostile, jeez.

Lmfao here come all the SJWs to defend the “effort” put into MUH COMMUNITY PROJECT. What did he say that requires him to “take a chill pill”? He’s asking people who don’t know what the fuck they’re doing to leave the code alone, and he’s right. Do I contribute to the code myself? No. Can I criticize people who do, though? Absolutely. In fact, I do like the recent additions to the game - I like the new menus and I see that the controversial weapon magazine/dirty clothing mechanics from a few months ago were also taken care of - but he said nothing that should’ve generated your kind of response, and to me it sounds much more disrespectful than his OP.

I’d say add more tedium. No, seriously, I love it. Make me take showers and have to take bathroom breaks in-game? Hell yeah. But my opinion is just as valid as Voqar’s, and I can see how certain design choices could impact his type of player negatively. With Cata being a community project I don’t see how such community feedback is unwelcome. His post was completely constructive, too; “revert vehicle menu changes” or “simplify refueling vehicles”. Why bend over as soon as a bit of aggressiveness comes into play?

Full revert won’t happen because old UI couldn’t handle generic liquid tanks and didn’t display the changed turrets.
Making the new one more like the old one could happen if someone took the time to specify how it should work - what was good in the old one that the new one lacks.
So far I see automatically filling a vehicle tank that contains the same kind of fuel already.

Partly my fault here. I review changes, but usually let “three steps forward, two steps back” changes in if the author has a good record and promises to fix them.

The changes like that are necessary to fix some of the problems with the UI, such as giant blocks of empty space on any non-tiny screen, hardcoded inventory letter dependency “leaking” through filters or hiding information about why can’t an action by executed (important for gunmods), trial-and-error gunmod installation (“you can’t put x on y because it doesn’t have a slot/is loaded/is semi-auto” etc.) and having to scroll through all character inventory just to see map inventory (despite it having separate keybinds).

Another example of this is how the inventory/drop screens are different are now.

I assume it was just an incomplete migration. This counts as a bug.

Presentation goes a long way towards getting things done and not just shifting it to personal attacks.
Genuine criticism hidden in an angry rants is worth much less than same genuine criticism without the rant.
Wording alone can be the difference between “angry mong nitpicking” and “reality check and reminder to keep a direction”.

I’ll order two pills then!