Project Kawaii. Return of the Nekoshojou-Maid

Poorly made. But somewhat useable.

All info is in Project_Kawaii_Log.txt so check that. If someone wants to make it better feel free to. I’m pretty busy so there not much time to learn modding for this game.!WL5SHKTA!eFJy_NtLuwztQSVePbJMVPdUOLdG67fdzdVkIzbNlsk

If there is a major bug or whatever tell me and I’ll try to fix it. And the balance atm is pretty bad.

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Please share your stuff via github or some other open source code sharing site. I’m not going to download some random file from a mega-upload site.

Can you link me to a “how to video” for github then? I got no clue how to use it.

Links below should help with setting up github and modding/contributing to CDDA

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I’ll do that maybe later today. possibly tomorrow. Tyvm

Thank you for the update.
The mega link tells me it requires a decryption key, which unless I’m mistaken wasn’t supplied.

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same no decryption key

Link is now fixed. I had put in the wrong link… well done me.

Should have a github thing for it up sometime today. Hopefully.

Hey thanks for the quick fix!

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@mlangsdorf Github is up… Did I do it right?

Looks good to me. I can browse your files and feel reassured that I’m not downloading some randomly encrypted virus zip file.

Mod does not work anymore. Could you please update it to make it at least workable?

I’m the author of the old translation version (back from ~Sept 2018). Seeing this post I realized that I never created a thread for it here. Whoops. Anyway, about it being broken: The short version is that the Powers That Be decided to discontinue lua support. Which broke a lot of Japanese mods using lua. Like this one. That leaves you these options…

  1. Rebuild the mod by converting the code from lua to C++. (I have no idea how, sorry.)
  2. Use lispcoc’s branch of CDDA which manually re-adds lua.
  3. Remove lua-dependent parts of the mod.

I did No.3 with the most recent version (May 20th, 2019) and merged it with my own translation, which you can download here:

Bear in mind this downgrades the mod mostly to a basic items and gear mod, since the store no longer functions in the absence of lua support.