LMOE Shelter Fails to Generate

Version: 0.B 673975b
Type: SDL
OS: Windows 7
Issue: When I attempt to start the game with the “Sheltered” scenario, the game returns the messages:
"DEBUG: Could not find starting overmap terrain lmoe
DEBUG: Could not find starting place for character"
and dumps me in the middle of the map with no LMOEs in sight. I’ve tried this a couple times, and the game always deposits me in the same location on the map after character creation.

What’s you world gen settings? large city sizes can stop such things from spawning.

I am not sure, but probably in your CURRENT world there is no spawned LMOE shelter at all and thus the game can’t find one to spawn you there.
Create another world.

I was playing default city size.
Thanks for the new world comment though, that helped. Forgive my ignorance of game mechanics, but why didn’t an LMOE shelter spawn? I have absolutely no idea how the game’s map generates, but why wouldn’t the map just expand and generate an area with a shelter?

That’s because the code only looks on starting overmap, not on any others.

I had this, genned a new world, and it’s fixed.