New Faction:: Any feedback or ideas appreciated [Testers Welcome!]

Is it relivent to the work here?

@crazykiddeath These are all really good!! I’m just moving onto the Prims right now so i’m going to implement some of these today, the rest are going in my notes folder, Thanks muchly! <3 :slight_smile:

My thinking is that the prim breakaway group will probably need to use a building in or near a forest to begin with, before they can make there huts and whatnot. You guys got any ideas on what ones to use? I’ve been leaning towards the Fire Tower or the Abandoned Barn. personally. Am open to any suggestions though.

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The Fire Tower seems a good choice, somewhat remote that’s defendable with good field of view. A group of survivors could do far worse and they’d have plently of land to gather forage/farm.